Monday, July 25, 2011

Amy Winehouse: The Celebration of Self-Destruction

Earlier this year, a man named Blair River died at the young age of 29. He was the 575-pound spokesman for Heart Attack Grill in Arizona, a restaurant that celebrates obesity. If you go to Heart Attack Grill and you weigh more than 350 pounds, you get to eat for free. They name the burgers the bypass, double-bypass, triple-bypass, and quadruple-bypass based on the number of patties in your burger. Blair River celebrated his obesity by becoming a spokesman for Heart Attack Grill, which celebrates unhealthy eating. This is different than someone being a spokesman for a typical fast-food restaurant. Heart Attack Grill is a celebration of what unhealthy food will do to you. Should anyone have been shocked that Blair River died at such a young age? No. Those around him must have realized that his weight and unhealthy eating habits would take a toll on his health. While I feel sad at the passing of someone at a young age, I feel angry when people celebrate their addictions and then die at an early age.

The death of Amy Winehouse was not a surprise to many people. She did not only struggle through drug addiction, but she celebrated her addiction with the hit single, “Rehab” which won Grammys for Song of the Year and Record of the Year. Now that she has died at the age of 27, I feel that for the first time in my life, I have witnessed a celebrity practically committing public suicide. She let the world know that she was going through substance-abuse and that she did not want to receive treatment.

The two celebrities who I thought for a while would die at a young age have been Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan. I do not think that Lindsay Lohan celebrates her substance-abuse, but I also don’t think that she has been serious about trying to rehabilitate herself. If Lindsay Lohan wants to be serious about getting over her substance-abuse, she needs to place herself in an environment in which she can avoid temptation. An alcoholic and drug-user should not go to clubs where substances can be easily purchased. If Lindsay Lohan continues to go to clubs in L.A. then she’s not serious about getting treatment. A very fat person would struggle to have just one plate of food if he or she goes to a buffet.

While I am sad for the family of Amy Winehouse, I am angry at Amy and those who celebrated her self-destruction. By celebrating her issues with drugs, Amy Winehouse showed an acceptance of her lifestyle and possibly an acceptance of what the final outcome would be. By celebrating Amy’s “I use drugs and I’m not going to change” attitude, her fans should accept that they knew that she was going to die, that they celebrated her self-destruction, and that they patted her on the back instead of offering real help. Amy filled her body with expensive drugs over the years which were paid for by album sales and concert tickets which were purchased by her fans.

I would rather someone live a long life than for me to be correct. I think that Lindsay Lohan is going to die at a young age. I really hope that I am wrong and that she turns her life around.


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