Monday, May 30, 2011

Adele: The Best Singer Today

This article is dedicated to Jennifer Waller, a fellow fan of Adele.

For weeks, I saw on’s list of the top selling albums the album 21 by Adele. Week after week this album was at the top of the chart. I was not familiar with Adele. I found out that she won the Grammy for Best New Artist a few years ago and had a song called Chasing Pavements that I remembered hearing. But I was not a fan of that song and I did not remember her name. I decided to preview a few of her songs on her 21 album. Once I heard the preview, I knew that I had to order this album. After hearing it, I will not be surprised if it wins the Grammy for Album of the Year.

I read an article in Rolling Stone magazine about her. I learned about how heartbreak inspired both of her albums. I think that her album 19 is good, but her album 21 is a masterpiece.

In my opinion, Adele is the best music artist working today.

The album has four songs that I just love. The first song, Rolling In The Deep, is a powerful ballad about wishing that she did not meet a man who used to be in her life. This is the song that is currently on the radio. One thing I like about this song is that it’s not anti-male, but anti-ex. I am reminded in contrast of the singer Kelis who sang I Hate You So Much Right Now. The problem with that song was it was dedicated to the women who were hurt by men. What about the men who were hurt by women? Adele does not make that mistake. Her songs are not about bad men, but about bad previous relationships. Men and women can identify with her.

The third song on the album, Turning Tables, is not an angry song, but more about feeling hurt. If Rolling In The Deep is like clenching a fist, then Turning Tables is like letting a tear fall down a cheek. It’s about the wounded feeling after the loss of love.

The tenth song is Love Song, which is a remake of the hit by The Cure. Yes, a remake, but this one is good. Unlike the version by 311, the version by Adele is really good. She expresses the sadness that was heard in the original version, while the 311 version feels less emotional.

The final song, Someone Like You, is a farewell to a man she loved who has now married someone else. The album begins with a song full of anger, then is filled with songs of sadness. Now with the final song, Adele deals with the final stage of heartbreak… acceptance of love that will never return.

It is nice to know that an album of true substance has sold so many copies. I predict that this album will win the Grammy for Album of the Year, even if it does not, Adele has touched so many people with her music. In the music industry, occasionally we find a truly great artist. In this case, that artist is being given the attention that she deserves.


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