Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dr. Laura: Read the Constitution

This article is dedicated to Bobby Duke, who truly understands the Constitution.
Dr. Laura Schlessinger is either a racist or the least intelligent person in the United States who has obtained a Ph.D. I will refer to her as “Dr. Laura” for the rest of the article because that is what she goes by (like Dr. Phil). I try to make this blog to be about the entertainment business, not about politics. I am discussing Dr. Laura because she had a radio show with millions of listeners. I will avoid having this article be about her political views because it is more important to talk about what she did than where she is on the political spectrum.

Recently, Dr. Laura said the n-word 11 times when talking to a black woman on the radio. Dr. Laura was trying to make a point that she believes that if blacks can use the n-word on HBO, then whites should be able to use it as well. After this became a national story, Dr. Laura “quit” her radio show. I use the word “quit” in quotes because she is acting like she left the show on her own will. Chances are, had she not “quit”, she would have been fired because the advertisers would have stopped advertising on the show. She may have been fired before quitting, or asked if she would resign. I do not know how her departure from radio occurred, but it is unlikely that she would have been able to continue her show.

If Dr. Laura is not a racist, then she is just a very unintelligent person. White people have learned in the last 15 years that a white person should never use the n-word in any situation, even in context. Even if the white person is discussing the word, he or she does not have to actually say it. Instead, the person can just do what I am doing, and describe it as “n-word” so everyone will know what the person is talking about.

During the O.J. Simpson trial, Mark Fuhrman was shown to be a racist for using the n-word. A few years ago, comedian Michael Richards got in trouble for using it on stage while trying to make people laugh. Obviously the joke did not work. Recently, Mel Gibson was caught on an audio recording using the word as well. All three of these men are viewed as racists. Did Dr. Laura not hear about the reaction of society to the actions of each of these men?

If this was 1993, Dr. Laura may have tried to make a point that backfired. But with society knowing how people react to white people using the n-word, she should have known better. It is one thing to be the first person to get into trouble for actions, but to do the same thing after so many careers have been ruined by people using the n-word, means that she’s either a racist, a moron, or both.

Dr. Laura may be a racist and/or a moron, but she definitely has no understanding of the Constitution. She claimed that she left radio to “regain my First Amendment rights.” What she doesn’t understand is that her First Amendment rights were never violated. The First Amendment means that the government will not prohibit your right to speak. The government had nothing to do with this. As an employee of company that employs her to speak on the radio, they can fire her if they do not like what she says at work. A business has the right to not employ someone based on what that person says at work. If advertisers boycott a radio station over comments by a talk show host, those advertisers have the legal right to do so. If the radio station disagrees with her controversial comments, they can fire her. The government has nothing to do with this. People can lose their jobs at work based on their behavior.

Dr. Laura is not a victim. She may have a Ph.D, but she does not understand the Constitution. Hopefully someone will explain to her what the First Amendment truly means.
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