Thursday, July 01, 2010

Tiger Woods: -$750 Million For Cheating

I have always thought that the term “sex addict” is ridiculous, but now I wonder if sexual addition can actually be real. Recently, it has been reported that Tiger Woods will be giving his now ex-wife $750 Million in a divorce settlement in exchange for her silence. If Tiger Woods is willing to risk $750 Million to cheat on one of the most beautiful women in the world, then maybe he actually does suffer from sex addiction.

I think it is hush money and that Tiger Woods actually has other dirt that we do not know about. It’s one thing if the divorce settlement came last year, before we knew that he was cheating with many women. In that situation, an expensive divorce could have prevented the world from finding out that the guy was a serial cheater. But we already know that he is a cheater. So how much is Elin’s silence really worth right now? If we already know that he cheated, then isn’t the secret already out?

I think that there are deeper secrets that Elin knows and Tiger Woods would never want the world to find out. Maybe Tiger Woods has done some things in his personal life that would cause the rest of his sponsors (including Nike) to drop him. Maybe he made offensive comments in his personal life that would be more controversial than any of his activities. Maybe he did nothing else besides cheat on his wife and he’s just paying her the money so she doesn’t write a book about him.

We’ll never know, because $750 Million buys silence. If Tiger Woods has secrets that can further hurt him if they are revealed, he has paid enough money to protect himself from those secrets coming out. I cannot assume what those secrets are because my guess would be as good as anyone else’s. Hopefully for Tiger Woods, he can move on with his life and rebuild his career. One thing is clear, he paid the price for his actions.


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