Monday, July 05, 2010

JaMarcus Russell: Purple Drank Connoisseur

In 2007, JaMarcus Russell was the first player selected in the NFL Draft, having been selected by the Oakland Raiders. After three seasons, the Raiders cut him from the team. With his high salary and poor statistics, no team in the NFL would have traded for him and be willing to pay him the amount that he was scheduled to earn. As a free agent, he was being considered by the New York Jets. That consideration has ended now that he has been arrested for being caught with Purple Drank.

What is Purple Drank? For those who are not familiar with it, Purple Drank is a beverage made from Codeine syrup, which can be found in cough syrup. It has been made famous by the rapper Lil Wayne.

JaMarcus Russell had been highly compensated during his first three seasons as an NFL quarterback. The guy can afford any alcoholic beverage that he desired. Instead, he chose Purple Drank, and now he has been arrested. Many people have died using Purple Drank. If JaMarcus Russell wanted to return to the NFL, he truly hurt his chances of making a comeback with his actions.

Ryan Leaf, the second pick in the 1998 NFL Draft behind Peyton Manning, has been considered the biggest draft bust of all time. I think that JaMarcus Russell is possibly going to replace him at the top of the list. It is not just the fact that JaMarcus Russell did a horrible job playing for the Oakland Raiders, but as a free agent, his actions show a lack of dedication to resurrecting his horrible career.

On the bright side, his actions appear to only cause potential harm to himself. He is a free agent, so no NFL team has been hurt by having him on their team at the time of his arrest. If he wasn’t driving while enjoying his Purple Drank, then no one else was at risk of being harmed.

Just like Vince Neil, I hope that he can turn his life around, whether he plays in the NFL again or not. He was a waste of an NFL draft pick, but maybe he can do something meaningful in his life. Heath Shuler was the third pick in the 1994 NFL Draft and never lived up to his potential in the NFL, but he is now in Congress. I wouldn’t expect JaMarcus Russell to aim that high, but maybe he can make a difference with his life in other ways. During Hurricane Katrina, he housed people who needed a play to stay, including musician Fats Domino. There is goodness in JaMarcus Russell and hopefully he can use his good heart again in a positive way.


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Pretty good write up sir and I too hope he can turn it around for the better!

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