Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Amanda Bynes Retired, Betty White Did Not

This article is dedicated to Kate Arney-Cimino, who is a beautiful and talented actress. To learn more about her, check out her website:

I have only seen one movie with Amanda Bynes. That movie was the remake of Hairspray (2007). I saw it because I enjoyed the original one. I felt that the new version was also well made. I liked both versions. Don't expect to see her in a sequel because she recently announced that she has retired at age 24.

At age 88, Betty White is still acting and now has a new television show called Hot In Cleveland. It is clear that Betty White has been very popular in the last year. Maybe she is still acting because of all the positive attention that she receives... or maybe she just loves to act.

While I was joking by making the picture of Amanda wanting to play Bingo and Betty having a new acting role, I really cannot fault either person. Betty White probably had enough money to retire before I was born. I think she continues to act because she loves to do so.

When it comes to Amanda Bynes, I cannot actually criticize her for retiring because if she does not want to act, there are many other actresses who would gladly love to take the roles that she will not. Amanda developed a career in acting at a young age and she is lucky to being able to make a living as an actress. In Los Angeles, there are many aspiring actors and actresses who would love to act, but there are not enough roles for them to take.

This is the ultimate win-win situation for the Entertainment Industry. On one side, Amanda gets to retire and sleep in on Monday. On the other side, Hollywood gets the opportunity to fill movie roles with actresses who really have a passion to act.

To the credit of Amanda Bynes, it may be better that she has the ability to quit acting while she is still employable than to be a has-been actress who can no longer win roles. Think of actors or actresses who were big years ago and now have difficulty getting roles. Whether Amanda would have had a great career or one that fizzled, at least she was able to leave the Entertainment Industry on her own terms.


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