Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sigourney Weaver Throws Katherine Bigelow Into The Kitchen

This really upsets me. It is sad to see that the accomplishments of a woman are questions for her being a woman. It is sad that the horrible comments come from another woman. Worst of all, these comments come from an actress who I have admired for years… Sigourney Weaver.

Last year, Sigourney Weaver was one of the stars of Avatar, which is now the highest grossing film in history. She is also the most famous star in the film (second place is Giovanni Ribisi). It must be an honor to be the most famous star of the highest grossing film of all time, but it appears that Weaver is bitter that Avatar lost the Oscars for Best Director and Best Picture.

Sigourney Weaver has been quoted recently for saying, “Jim didn’t have breasts, and I think that was the reason.” She was referring to the director of Avatar, three-time Oscar winner James Cameron.

Katherine Bigelow became the first woman to win the Oscar for Best Director. She is the fourth nominee. For the first time in 82 years, the female gender receives a Best Director Oscar. That’s one woman winning an award after the first 81 awards went to men. Not only that, but with only four nominations, a woman gets a Best Director nomination on an average of less than once every twenty years (although three of those nominations came during the last two decades).

It has been so rare for women to be recognized for their ability to direct and their talent as filmmakers. How could Sigourney Weaver think that Katherine Bigelow won for having breasts or being a female, when so many female directors have been passed over for years?

I did not judge the films nominated for Best Picture and Best Director based at all on what the directors look like. Had I been a voting member of the Academy, I wouldn’t have voted for either Katherine Bigelow or James Cameron. I would have voted for Lee Daniels, the director of Precious. I am straight and I find Katherine Bigelow to be very attractive, but I felt that the film Precious was the best film of the year and Lee Daniels did a better job making a touching masterpiece.

History was made with Katherine Bigelow’s Oscar win. I am very happy for her. While I preferred Precious, I do not think that she won because she is a woman and very attractive. I think that she won because most of the voting members of the Academy felt that she did a better job directing and that The Hurt Locker was a better picture than the other nominated films. Katherine Bigelow did a great job making the film. She captured the stress and intensity of the soldiers who have to disarm bombs. No one should deny that Katherine Bigelow did an excellent job as a director.

Sigourney Weaver herself has been nominated for the Oscar without winning one. For the year 1988, she was nominated for both Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress (two separate films). Why did she not win? Was it because all of her fellow nominees were also women? Or… could it be… that the voters just liked the other performances more than the ones by Sigourney Weaver?

Sigourney Weaver is an extremely talented actress. I think that her acting ability is worth her receiving an honorary Oscar. But I am found of her as an actress based on her ability to act. I have never viewed her as a sex-object. She is great in dramatic roles and she was excellent in the four films of the Alien series. I have been very impressed with her work, but very saddened by her comments directed towards Katherine Bigelow.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Sigourney Weaver could judge the talent of Katherine Bigelow the way I judge them both?


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