Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Win An Oscar, Lose A Spouse

A year ago, Kate Winslet won the Oscar for Best Actress and Sean Penn won for Best Actor. Now both of them are getting a divorce. In the case of Kate Winslet divorcing director Sam Mendes, I have no idea what has happened. In the case of Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn, they have broken up and reconciled before. To read my article about Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn from last year, click here:

Sean Penn: Robin Wrong Or Robin Wright?

Recently, within a few weeks of Sandra Bullock winning Best Actress, it is discovered that her husband, biker Jesse James, has cheated on her. Imagine right now the life of Sandra Bullock. A few weeks ago, she was a highly paid actress who finally received recognition for her acting talent by winning an Oscar. She had success, recognition, and what appeared to be a loving spouse. In just a short time after reaching the pinnacle of her career, her personal life is in the spotlight and she must have to deal with the pain of adultery in public.

I am not going to view this as "The Oscar Curse" because many of the Oscar winning actors and actresses of the past decade have remained with their spouses or partners. I also do not expect Jeff Bridges, who has been married to his wife for 33 years, to have his marriage impacted in any way based on his Oscar win. I also think that recent Oscar winner Mo’Nique has a strong enough marriage to survive the increase in fame that she received in the last year.

When it comes to Sandra Bullock, I just have to say that this is another situation of a girl marrying the “bad boy” type and hoping that he will change. Women need to learn that you cannot change men, just as men cannot change you. Jesse James was previously married to a porn star, he is a biker, and he is covered in tattoos. The woman who he cheated on Sandra Bullock with is also covered with tattoos. She is more of Jesse James’ type than clean-cut Sandra Bullock.

Normally I get into a long detailed look into a situation. This case needs none. Jesse James is the bad boy type that girls go after and then are shocked, I say shocked, when they find out that he cheated on them. Everyone knows a girl who dated a guy like this. All of her friends are telling her to stay away. She ignores them. Then when the guy cheats on her, she runs to all of her friends for comfort and support. They are nice to her, but they all knew that this was going to happen.

If you date a bad boy, don’t be shocked when he cheats on you.


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