Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chris Brown: The Beginning Of The End

After Chris Brown beat up his now ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, I did not believe that he could revive his career. A lot of people disagreed with me. It turns out I was right. The sales for his latest album have been low and he is trying to get radio stations to consider playing his music again.

What Chris Brown doesn’t understand is that his actions are considered so low by society that he has blacklisted himself from the Entertainment Industry. There are a few people In the Entertainment Industry who are so vilified that they can hardly find work. Michael Vick is one of them. He lost all of his sponsorships and is now an NFL back-up quarterback. After running dog fights and executing some of the dogs, he is viewed as a villain for harming defenseless animals.

O.J. Simpson is one of the most famous vilified celebrities. While he was found “Not Guilty” in criminial court for the murder of his ex-wife and her lover, most people do believe that O.J. Simpson was in fact guilty of the two murders. Prior to the murders, he was a retired football player who was making money by doing commercials and staring in movies. Since the murders, I have yet to see him star in a movie television.

Mel Gibson’s career has not fully recovered since his Anti-Semitic comments were made while he was being arrested for DUI. Mel Gibson’s return to acting in Edge of Darkness came and went. He is still tainted by his Anti-Semitic comments during his arrest. He tried to do things to make up for his previous actions, but many Jews (myself included) felt that he had finally been proven to be the Anti-Semite that we thought he was for years.

Was there anything that Chris Brown could have done to truly repair his damaged image? I think so. If I had been an adviser to him, I would have told him that he’s going to have to hold off from making an album for at least two to three years and spend the time working to help battered women at shelters. Take a long period off volunteering at shelters, listen to the pain that they have gone through, and avoid any public activities like celebrity events. He could have shown the public that not only is he extremely sorry, but dedicate extra time to truly learn what it is like for women who have been abused by their boyfriends or husbands.

Instead, within a short period after the attack on Rihanna, photos came out of Chris Brown on a jetski having fun. He seemed to be extremely focused on his next album and released it the same year that he assaulted Rihanna, 2009. He probably thought that if he moved on and made another album, the public would quickly move on and forget what he did. Not only was he wrong, but I think his focus on making a new album so soon after the assault made him look insincere. In my opinion, it made him look selfish because he was more focused on saving his career than showing the public that he has spent the time to learn his lesson.

I’m not going to lie. I think that Chris Brown truly regrets harming Rihanna. I think he knows that assaulting her was the biggest mistake of his life. But he should have spent more time between the assault and releasing a new album. While he probably deeply regrets what he did, he should have done more to show his regret to try to get the public to forgive him. The public has not forgiven him and I don’t think that they will. His unwillingness to spend enough time between the assault and releasing a new album was the final straw.

The one other problem that I have with Chris Brown is that he went on Larry King to talk about the assault and then pretended that he did not remember it at all. If Chris Brown really didn’t remember it, then his defense would be that he truly has no idea of why people are saying that he hurt Rihanna, that he is shocked, offended, and would never do such a thing. The truth is that Chris Brown did not want to go through the details of what lead to him assaulting Rihanna. The problem is that people should only go on Larry King if they truly want to come clean. Chris Brown did not appear willing to come clean. Talking about the assault was not enough. He was unwilling to talk about what led to him becoming so angry that he would start beating the woman he was dating.

It looks like this is the beginning of the end for Chris Brown’s career. His actions are considered to be one of the worst of anyone in the Entertainment Industry and he did a bad job trying to save his career. He had a small chance to redeem himself by putting his image over his career, and he failed. I don’t think that he realized that his career could be killed over this. Now that he has had a failed album, his career is likely to only go further downhill unless if he can do something, anything, to repair his image.

I think that it’s too late for him to save his career. I view him as a horrible woman abuser. To me, it’s not a question of how sorry he was for doing what he did. I am sick of Chris Brown because he was willing to beat a woman in the first place. He didn’t just punch or slap her… he bit her! He beat so badly that her face was covered with bruises. I do view Chris Brown as a monster not only for what he did, but for his selfish desire to focus more on fixing his career over his image. Chris Brown’s career looks like it will probably be over soon. His actions prove that he deserves to have his career end.


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