Saturday, February 13, 2010

John Mayer: Dumb Cracker Or A Racist Dick?

Is John Mayer just a dumb white guy who used the N-word but is not really racist, or is he a white supremacist like he accuses his penis of being?

For those who may have not followed the story, John Mayer recently did an interview with Playboy in which he said several controversial things. I am not going to focus on his comment that his relationship with Jessica Simpson was “sexual napalm” because that’s really a compliment. If that was the only controversial thing in the article, I’d be defending him because a comment like that, at least from a male viewpoint, is a huge compliment to an ex-girlfriend, even if it is too much information.

Instead, I will focus on the comments that he probably regrets making. I will focus on 1) his comment that his penis is a white supremacist that doesn’t like black women and 2) his use of the N-word in the interview.

First, I will discuss John Mayer’s white supremacist penis. If you are a black woman with a crush on John Mayer, sorry but it appears that you’re not John’s type. Human beings have the right to decide who they are attracted to and who they are not attracted to. If John Mayer is not attracted to black women, that is his right. It doesn’t make him a bad person. But to refer to his penis as a white supremacist is just offensive. He also called it his “David Duke” cock. Does that mean that he would never have sex with a Jewish woman either? Would he turn down Natalie Portman? The reason why using the term white supremacist and the name David Duke is so offensive is because of what those people have done. White supremacists have committed many acts of violence against blacks and David Duke has said many horrible things about Jews. John Mayer might be a talented musician, but he’s not that good of a comedian. I think that he was trying to be witty, but it backfired.

Second, John Mayer actually used the N-word in the interview. I’m going to make things very clear on this issue. White people should never use the N-word in any situation. Not even when you are talking in context about it. As I am currently blogging about it in context, I am saying N…word. I am not actually using the real word. The only situation in which I could say it could be acceptable is if an actor is playing a white supremacist in a movie. Playing a character in a movie, actors have to sometimes portray horrible people. Just because an actor will play a rapist or a murderer in a movie does not mean that the actor would rape or murder people in real life. A movie that had a racist character would not be realistic if the white supremacist said “N-word” instead of the real word. Besides the performance of an actor, I do not think the use of the real N-word could be justified in any other context.

Is John Mayer an actual racist? I don’t think that he is, but I think that he’s a moron for actually using the N-word, even without bad intentions. When a white person gets caught using the N-word, it makes me wonder how often he or she uses that word in private life. People either believe that the N-word is okay or not okay to use. I believe that it is not okay. I do not say it in public and I do not say it in private. It is such an offensive word that I think it should be avoided by both black and white people. I truly do believe that rappers should stop using it in songs. For some reason, John Mayer has thought that it is okay to actually say the N-word. While I don’t believe that he is an actual racist, he deserves to pay for his actions. I have not been a fan of his. I do not own any of his albums. In fact, I think that most of his music is crap, although I can respect that he has the creativity to write his own songs. I do believe that for saying the actual N-word, John Mayer is a moron who deserves some backlash against his comments. To give it back to him, I’m going to say that he’s just a dumb hick cracker and he probably felt okay with using the N-word because he’s probably used it a number of times before. Yes I’m calling him a cracker. John Mayer is just another musician who has used his fame to have sex with as many women as possible. But instead of making good music like heavy metal, he makes sensitive music that makes women think that he has actual feelings for them. That is, until he refers to them as “sexual napalm” in the future.

John Mayer, it might be time that you take a break from the music business and take the time to realize what a douche you have been.


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