Monday, January 11, 2010

Don’t Scrap Spider-Man 4!

There were so many new stories in the Entertainment Industry for me to talk about, but when I read this one, I had to address it right away. Columbia Pictures has decided not to make Spider-Man 4. Instead, they are going to reboot the series in 2012 without director Sam Raimi or actor Tobey Maguire.

There are times when a series is due to be remade. The Batman franchise from 1989-1997 went from an exciting part one to a cheesy part four. Remaking that series, the films were made darker and more serious. With the success of The Dark Knight being the second highest grossing film in U.S. history (Avatar may change that), it is safe to say that rebooting the Batman franchise was an excellent idea.

It appears that the Spider-Man franchise was getting very expensive to make. Tobey Maguire had his salaries for Spider-Man 2 and 3 already locked in when he made the first film. There were reports that he would have received a huge raise to make Spider-Man 4. Add his potential salary of $40 million to the already high cost of making another Spider-man film, Columbia Pictures could risk losing hundreds of millions of dollars if Spider-Man 4 does not deliver the same audience as the first three films.

Who said that Spider-Man has to spend so much time in the air? I loved the Spider-Man franchise, but they can use a good story and great action to replace battles in the air between Spider-Man and another villain. There are ways to reduce the amount of special effects that a film uses and still make the film more exciting.

I think part of the problem is that the recent Spider-Man franchise felt like a trilogy and part 4 could feel like just adding an episode to it. Issues that developed in the first Spider-Man were resolved in part 3 and there was a feeling that the series had ended on the proper note. That being said, rebooting the series so soon will probably be a huge mistake. Unlike the four Batman films from 1989-1997, the Spider-Man series only had one man playing the lead role (Tobey Maguire), not three. I have a feeling that a reboot of the Spider-Man franchise would be a big mistake and the film could potentially be a box-office flop.

I say that you don’t fix something that is not broken. Spider-Man 3 was the highest grossing film of 2007 inside the United States. Does the franchise really need to be rebooted? I do not think so. I believe that blocking Spider-Man 4 in favor of rebooting the franchise is one of the worst decisions in the Entertainment Industry.


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