Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ashlee Simpson Fired From Melrose Place

I remember the original Melrose Place. It was about a bunch of fun-loving people in their 20s until Heather Locklear came on board. Then it turned into a show about people who were all sleeping with each other.

When I started to watch that show when I was young, I remember they booted one of the most attractive actresses, Amy Locane, because her character did not fit well on the show. She left the show after the first 12 episodes.

Sometimes a character does not fit into the mood of a television show. Sometimes you cannot just make the villain become the fun guy. When characters take certain directions, you cannot easily reverse them.

I have not seen one episode of the new Melrose Place, but I knew that the star would be Ashlee Simpson. She was the one famous person cast on the show. A lot of the first season revolved around the murder of a character. It appears that when the murder will be solved, Ashlee Simpson’s character and the character of a guy named Colin Egglesfield will be leaving the show.

One thought comes to mind is that one of those two characters was the murderer.

The other thought is that Ashlee Simpson was fired because her character did not fit well into the show.

She is trying to act like this was the plan all along. She’s as full of it as she was when she lip-synced on Saturday Night Live back in 2004.

The reason why I brought up Amy Locane was to compare her departure from the first Melrose Place to Ashlee Simpson’s departure from the second. Years later, how many of you know who Amy Locane is? I remember the actress was also in the film School Ties, but I did not remember her name. I had to use Wikipedia to figure that part out.

When Amy Locane was given the boot, it was no big deal because the entire show was a cast of unknowns. But Ashlee Simpson was the only famous person on the new Melrose Place. When a show hires a famous person, the producers tend to give more screen time to the famous person to draw in an audience. That is why the firing of Ashlee Simpson is not like the firing of Amy Locane. Ashlee Simpson was the star of the show. It was “Ashlee Simpson and several anonymous schmucks!” They built the show around her, and now they want her off of the show.

I cannot judge Ashlee Simpson’s acting because I have never seen an episode of the show. But if she is as good of an actress as she is a singer, then she won’t be getting an Emmy for this show.

As someone who watched the first few seasons of the original Melrose Place and would not watch a single episode of the new one, I can say that I felt the casting of Ashlee Simpson was a bad idea from the start. Ashlee Simpson is a very conversial person because many people feel that she became famous just because she had a famous older sister. Her older sister, Jessica Simpson, has beauty and an amazing voice. Ashlee Simpson was not an attractive girl when she entered the music business, but plastic surgery was used to hack off her nose. She had a horrible voice which has not improved over the years. Basically, Ashlee Simpson has rode on the coattails of her talented sister for too long and many people think that she is what is wrong with the music industry today. She is not a well-respected person in the entertainment industry and some of her controversial actions over the years have made her even less respected.

There are people who either love Ashlee Simpson or hate her guts. I am on the side that hopes she will retire from anything involving music, film, or television for good. Placing Ashlee Simpson on Melrose Place was a bad move from the start because of her polarizing nature. Now that she is fired, maybe people will be willing to tune in so they can see a cast of unknowns (also un-hated) and the return of Heather Locklear. Or maybe those who did not tune in before will say, “Well I already missed the first season and I don’t want to see Ashlee Simpson act.”

In addition to firing Ashlee Simpson, the producers should consider firing themselves for casting her in the first place.


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