Monday, September 14, 2009

Teardrops On Kanye West’s Overinflated Ego

I dedicate this article to Kevin Starace and Matt Brensy, two of the greatest fans of Taylor Swift.

I will begin by saying that I am a fan of Kanye West and I am not a fan of Taylor Swift. I am stating that to show my music preference, even though I side with Taylor Swift 100% in this case.

Kanye West has been known to have an ego. But in the past, that ego has not been placed in the way of the hard work of other musical artists. Kanye West can brag about his music all he wants, while Ray Charles, U2, and Herbie Hancock win Grammy Awards for Album of the Year. In the past, the ego of Kanye West has only been a roadblock in the way of ..... Kanye West.

As Taylor Swift gives her speech after receiving the MTV award for Best Female Video, Kanye West takes the microphone from her hand. It is hard for me to imagine what it would have been like to receive an MTV award at the age of 19. Kanye West became huge star in 2004, when Taylor was only 14 years-old. When a huge star goes up to you and grabs your microphone, you would assume that they want to compliment you on the stage. I think Taylor thought that he grabbed her microphone to do so. But it wasn’t to compliment her. It was to show how much he disagreed with her receiving the award.

When I think about this situation, I remember years in which the person who lost an award would go up on stage himself to speak, trying to take the spotlight away from the actual winner. This is always rude. If you lose an award, you don’t take the spotlight away from the winner.

But what makes this situation even worse is that Kanye West wasn’t trying to take the recognition for an award that he lost to Taylor Swift, but to give recognition to Beyonce. It was not his place to do so.

Even Beyonce herself was shocked when he did this. I saw the clip on YouTube where she was saying “Oh My God” as Kanye West spoke of Beyonce’s video being one of the best videos of all time.

I feel that Kanye West was being a bully. Kanye West has been in the spotlight for half a decade and he received many awards over the last few years. The spotlight was not new to him. He has had the time to enjoy his fame, success, and newfound wealth. Taylor Swift is a new celebrity who is probably still in awe of other celebrities who she meets. This was her moment to be in the spotlight. Her chance to thank the fans who have supported her. Her chance to connect with people who may or may not be there in the future.

I think that Taylor Swift may have a long career, but if she doesn’t, this could have been her only chance to really enjoy stardom. Many stars come and go from the music world, while a few of them are around for years. Imagine if this was the year of Taylor Swift and if her career had a short span (which I doubt). What if this would be the only time she would win an MTV award? Imagine having your only chance to speak being interrupted by an established artist who has already had the time to enjoy the fruits of success.

What angers me the most about Kanye West’s interruption of Taylor Swift’s speech was the fact that he was interrupting a new artist who may or may not win future MTV awards. Had he interrupted Eminem, at least I could say that Eminem had accepting an award numerous times on stage. Kanye West interrupted a rookie who has no guarantee of what will come in the future of music.

Many people may say, “But Taylor Swift is so talented. She will definitely be around for years to come.” I hope you’re right. I’d rather see Taylor Swift on stage than Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Ashlee Simpson, or Amy Winehouse. I remember that MC Hammer was the biggest artist of 1990. I would have never predicted that he’d be old news in 1992. That is why interrupting the speech of a new artist is so much worse than interrupting the speech of a veteran to the music world. Every award you receive could potentially be your last. Kanye West was willing to risk Taylor’s one shot on that stage. How would he feel if that would be the only MTV award she would receive and she never had the chance to give one full speech?

I think it is humble when an artist wins an award and says that another artist should have won. I am not a fan of Justin Timberlake at all. In fact, I hate his music. But when he won Best Male Video over Johnny Cash, who was dying), Justin made it clear that he would have preferred for Johnny Cash to receive the award. He used his time on stage to acknowledge the work of another artist. It was a wonderful gesture. That’s the kind of thing we should see happen more often at awards shows.

I was very happy to see that Beyonce used her time after winning the top award to give Taylor Swift a chance to finish her original speech. Beyonce corrected the horrible treatment that Kanye West gave to Taylor Swift by giving her the final speech of the night.

Now Kanye West has apologized. I think I’d rather see Kanye West do something for once to show that he is actually really sorry for his actions. I’m sick of hearing apologies by celebrities over and over again. I want to see action. Kanye West should do something very nice for Taylor Swift.

As much of a fan as I have been of Kanye West, his latest actions may hurt his future in music. He needs to understand that his ego is now turning people away from him. It is now time that he work on his greatest enemy, his ego, before it ends his career.


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