Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Do Not Feel Sorry For DJ AM (Here’s Why)

A year ago, DJ AM and Travis Barker were the only two survivors of a plane crash that killed the other four people on board.

Less than a year later, DJ AM is dead.

This is not the plot to the latest Final Destination movie. This is another case of a celebrity dying from drug use. Keith Richards will not be invited to the funeral.

Every time a celebrity dies of drugs, I joke that the person was outlived by Keith Richards.

The truth is that I do not feel bad anymore when a celebrity dies from using illegal drugs. I feel sorry for the passing of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison. When they died, it was the early stages of the grim reaper taking away musicians due to drug use. There were others who died earlier like Charlie Parker, but the loss of Jimi, Janis, and Jim in a short period of time was shocking.

That being said, when celebrities would die from drug use in more recent years, all I can think of asking is, “What were you thinking?” If drugs took the lives of so many talented musicians, why did you think that you would be different? When Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon died from a drug overdose in 1995, I remember really thinking how foolish he was. In 1971, Jim Morrison made a mistake with his drug use. In 1995, Shannon Hoon should have known better. I did not feel sorry for Shannon Hoon one bit.

In 2009, we lose another celebrity to drug use. DJ AM is one of very few well known DJs. The only other working DJ who is as well known is Samantha Ronson, who dated Lindsay Lohan. Just like Ronson, DJ AM was well known for one of his relationships. DJ AM was engaged to Nicole Richie a few years ago.

I’m not just complaining about DJ AM’s drug use and I have no argument against him for dating a celebrity. My big problem is that he just survived a serious plane crash less than a year ago. He could have used this as an opportunity to try to make the most out of his life. Travis Barker reunited with his wife after the plane crash. I have to compliment Travis Barker because I think almost losing his life made him realize how much he loved his wife. I think Travis Barker gained something from almost losing his life.

The fact that DJ AM is dead in less than a year after his plane crash angers me. Four people died on that crash. Had one of them survived, maybe that person would have cherished his or her life more than DJ AM. He was given a second chance in life and he destroyed himself. I don’t feel sorry for Shannon Hoon, but I feel angry at DJ AM for throwing his second chance at life into the trash.

To clarify, I feel sorry for the death of Michael Jackson because he used doctors to try to administer a way for him to sleep. Michael Jackson was not an expert on sleep medication, so he hired a personal doctor to help him sleep. The doctor was reckless with the medicine and will probably be charged with manslaughter. Illegal drugs are different. They are not approved or even allowed to be used by the public. DJ AM is not a doctor and he did not have one with him. He decided that he can use illegal drugs and not get the same results as Jimi, Janis, Jim, or Shannon. He was wrong and now he’s dead.

I dedicate this article to the four crew members who did not survive the plane crash last year. Any of them would have cherished a second chance at life more than DJ AM.


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