Sunday, June 28, 2009

Billy Mays Here!

In a week where we lose Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, it may seem weird why I would also write about Billy Mays. I’m writing about him for two reasons. First, he is one of the few TV pitchmen who people can actually recognize and remember his name. Second, his impact on the entertainment business was to catch people’s attention by annoying them.

Yes this is a negative article. Sure I should never speak ill of the dead. I am not judging him as a person. I don’t hate him personally at all. I just hated his commercials and won’t miss them.

As someone who has been in sales myself, I can tell you that those in sales who annoy people make it harder for salespeople who are trying to just be heard. Billy Mays’ in-your-face style is what is wrong about sales. People don’t like to be annoyed by salespeople.

One of the problems that I had with Billy Mays is that he spoke about more products than Michael Jordan. Initially, I remember him talking about OxiClean. He was the OxiClean guy. When you would think of the OxiClean commercials, you would remember him. That’s okay to me because many companies have one spokesperson. Then he started to be in commercials for more and more products. I don’t know what the companies who hired him were thinking, but from my view, when you speak about too many products, you seem to be less credible. It started to feel like Billy Mays did not represent OxiClean. Instead, he represented any company that was willing to pay him.

His selling style was loud and aggressive. He was not as loud and aggressive as the late Sam Kinison, but I liked Sam Kinison because his voice added to the effect of his humor.

I am going to explain my views on celebrities in a simple way. Here is a scale from 1 through 6.

6 – I’m a big fan. Example- Keith Olbermann and Bill Maher.
5 – I think that the celebrity is good, but I’m not a fanatic. Example- Sam Kinison.
4. I think that the celebrity is okay. Neither positive or negative. Example- Mariah Carey.
3. I have no opinion about or not enough knowledge to make one. Example- Lady GaGa.
2. I have a negative view of the celebrity. Example- Billy Mays, Bill O’Reilly, 50 Cent.
1. I hate the celebrity and would celebrate if the celebrity died- Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, O.J. Simpson, Robert Blake, and Karl Rove.

There are other names that would fit on the list, but I don’t want to say every celebrity who I have a negative view of or hate.

I have a negative view of Billy Mays, but I feel sorry for him and his wife. He may have annoyed me with his commercials and I may not miss him, but I take no pleasure in his passing.

One very morbid comment that will catch some people off-guard. This is the first celebrity who I can name with a Twitter page who has died. He even posted two messages on his Twitter page yesterday. If you want to look, his Twitter page is


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