Friday, June 12, 2009

Adam Lambert’s Gay: So What?

Remember when someone came out of the closet and people were surprised? I think that the last time I was actually surprised to hear that someone was gay was when Neil Patrick Harris came out of the closet. I did not see that one coming. But recently, when Adam Lambert came out of the closet, it was even less surprising than when Clay Aiken came out.

When Clay Aiken was on American Idol, his sexuality was questioned before the season was even over. Over the next few years, Clay Aiken denied over and over again that he was gay. After a woman gave birth to his son (they did not have sex), he decided to admit that he is gay.

Bill Maher put it best when he said, “You can’t call it coming out of the closet when the door was wide open, the closet was made of glass, and everyone could see you in there having gay sex. Clay Aiken says he came out because he didn’t want to lie to his infant son. Dude, even the baby knew you were gay.”

When Clay Aiken came out of the closet, it was not a surprise at all. I feel that by the time that Clay Aiken admitted that he was gay, no one was surprised. This was not a shocker.

Unlike Clay Aiken's experience during the second season of American Idol, photos surfaced of Adam Lambert kissing another man during the recent season of the show. At the time, my view was, “He is gay, case closed.” So when he decided to out himself in an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone where he would be on the cover, I felt that all he was doing was admitting the obvious.

If Adam Lambert denied being gay like Clay Aiken did, no one would believe it. He just confirmed what everyone knew. He is gay. He did not out himself. He was outed when the photograph of him kissing another man surfaced.

I think it is good that he decided to confirm that he was gay early on instead of drag things out. But all he did was confirm what everyone already knew.

I think that the only sad thing that I can say about this is that the two most obviously gay people to come out of the closet have both come from American Idol.

I did not follow American Idol this year. The only year I really followed it was during season six when Sanjaya was on. But it appears that a lot of people were shocked that Adam Lambert lost the competition. I have a feeling that just like Clay Aiken, he will outsell the winner of his American Idol season.

From what I have heard, Adam Lambert has amazing vocals. He sounds like he could really do a good job singing Hard Rock, Classic Rock, or Heavy Metal. I hope that being gay will not stand in the way of his future success.


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