Friday, May 01, 2009

Millionaire Bratmaker

Yes I’m using a cute title for Millionaire Matchmaker. I love the show, but have been a little disappointed lately. The problem is that the majority of the couples that are set up are doomed from the start because the millionaire men are the bachelors from Hell.

For those who have not seen the show, it is about the Millionaire’s Club which is run by Patti Stanger, a third-generation matchmaker. The reason why she is matchmaking for millionaires is because they can pay her enough to keep her business successful.

Her company does a lot of work to get new millionaires to turn to her for love. She then usually sets up an event in which two millionaire men get to mingle with a number of women who were picked for the event based on how much of a match they are for the men. Some men have very picky standards. Many of them may only want to date someone of his religion or a woman with a certain color of hair. He then picks usually two women to go on a brief ten minute date right there, and then picks one to go on a separate date later.

The problem with the show in the second season is that the majority of the men really appear to be jerks. Their egos are larger than their bank accounts. That can be expected. What cannot be expected is the treatment that they give to these women.

On a recent show, a millionaire who claims that he has $400 million was set up by Patti to date a girl who was not only gorgeous, but seriously looking for love. During the date while they were playing golf, he decided to urinate behind a bush. The worst part about that is that it looked like he was merely yards from his house. Without washing his hands, he went back to playing golf with her.

He may have had $400 million, but when he called her after the date, she hung up the phone on him.

Some of the men were showing strong interest in the women during the dates, only to admit to Patti after the date that they did not feel a true connection. If a guy does not feel a strong connection, then he shouldn’t pretend otherwise.

Sometimes there just isn’t a connection. That is life. The problem with the show in the second season is that the majority of them men appear to be extremely rude to the women who they are trying to date. The women appear to be more interested in the men on the show. Let’s face it, the men are wealthy and the women know if they find love, they may also never have to work. But the problem is I am seeing such a lack of effort on the part of the men. They are rude, selfish pigs.

For every one man who really appears to want love, I see three who appear to just want the attention of the camera. In my opinion, that is the problem with the second season. Knowing that they will be on national television, I believe that a number of those millionaires are paying Patti to find them dates because they really just want to be on television. What I don’t think that they don’t realize is that their family and friends will be watching. I bet some of those relatives are ashamed of what they see.

I truly believe that Patti is doing exactly what she should be doing. She is being tough with the millionaires. She is trying to find them love, not sex. I cannot fault her in any way because she cannot stop these men from showing their true selves. I just would prefer that the men who do go to her show a little more respect for their potential girlfriends.


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