Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mel Gibson: Adultery and Wedlock.

I want to make this very clear: Mel Gibson's Anti-Semitism has NOTHING to do with his religion. Catholicism does not teach hatred. Mel Gibson chose to hate Jews by himself or through the teachings of his Anti-Semitic father, Hutton Gibson.
I won’t pretend not to prejudge Mel Gibson. I cannot stand him because he’s an Anti-Semite. The guy has a real problem with Jews. I remember seeing elements of Jewish hatred in his movie The Passion of the Christ when every Jew had a hook-nose except for Jesus. But it could not be proven at that point if he really hated Jews. Then he was caught saying a lot of hateful things about Jews when he was arrested for DUI. He does not like my people and I don’t like him.

Even if I did like him, I have to say that it is always funny when a conservative gets in trouble for a sex scandal. The more conservative a person is, the more funny it is when they get caught in an affair.

Mel Gibson, like him or hate him, was married for 28 years. Unlike many celebrities who are handsome and filthy rich, Mel Gibson was loyal to his wife. This was actually expected. Mel Gibson is a practicing Traditionalist Catholic. To clarify, they still have Mass in Latin. I want to make it clear that his Anti-Semitism is not related to his faith. I hold nothing against any Catholic person because Mel Gibson shares the same religion.

But the reason why I bring up his background is that he is, or was, more deeply religious than most people in Hollywood. Some people were born into a religion and believe in their religion. Mel Gibson lived it.

Recently it was reported that Mel Gibson and his wife Robyn were getting a divorce. What came between them? An affair. Not only did Mel Gibson cheat on his wife (a major sin), but he has now admitted that his current girlfriend is pregnant with his child.

Mel Gibson reminds me of someone who goes from a veggie diet to pigging out on beef. He has gone from one of those people who held himself to a higher standard, to falling below the morals of most average people.

I really wonder if his marriage was hurt by the DUI arrest when he made the hateful comments against Jews. It is one thing to be the wife of Mel Gibson, People Magazine’s first choice for Sexiest Man Alive. It is another thing if you are married to Mel Gibson, Jew-hating drunk. Even if their marriage was doomed, he should have gotten a divorce before impregnating another woman.

I may not be a very religious person, but I feel a lot more proud of my morals than Mel Gibson should.


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