Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jon & Kate's Fate

I will begin by saying that I have never seen the show Jon & Kate Plus 8, so I am not judging the content of the show. I don’t know if it is entertaining, educational, or just gives audiences the voyeuristic joy of looking into the life of an odd family of ten people. My comments are about the alleged affairs, the choice of using reality television, and the fate of the show.

The first reality television show about a famous family was The Osbournes. It was interesting for an audience to imagine what it would be like to have Ozzy Osbourne as an actual father. Sharon Osbourne was not well-known prior to the show, but at this point, she is now a recognized celebrity. Another show that was similar in style was Hogan Knows Best, in which the audience could see what it would be like to have Hulk Hogan as a father.

What those two shows had in common was the fact that the families were rich enough that they already did not have to work. The first problem that I have with Jon & Kate Plus 8 is that the salary from the show allows the parents to stay at home, which makes the show not reality television in the first place. The show changes reality because the lives of Jon, Kate, and their eight children are different because of the wealth that the show brings them. We are not seeing what it would be really like for a family with eight children. We are seeing what it would be like if we took a family of ten and gave them enough money so the parents could stay at home. This is not the life that they would have without the show.

I do not have a problem with them filming the family. While their reality has been changed, it is probably an advantage for the children. I could be wrong though. If I had the choice as a young child, would I want my parents to be able to take care of me all day and have cameras around, or would I want them to be working and I’m stuck at a babysitter? As a young child, I would probably prefer the first option. While it is not reality, it may be easier for the children.

Now the real problem that I have with the show is that one or both of the parents may have had an affair. I do not want to seem like the moral police, but after you have eight children, you may want to try to keep a family that large from splitting up. I cannot imagine having eight children and then leaving a wife or having her leave me.

If Jon and Kate get a divorce, I would bet that their show would be cancelled. Who wants to see the sad story of eight children being driven back and forth from the mother’s house to the father’s house? I don’t want to even see the show the way it is.

I also have big problem with people who believe that Jon and Kate should be left alone. Why do they deserve any privacy? They chose to be paid to put their lives and the lives of their children on television. They are exploiting themselves. Anyone who is on reality television does not deserve privacy, because they are already getting paid to air their dirty laundry.

If Jon and Kate get divorced and they lose their show, it serves them right. They hit the gravy train. Never have to work. Just raise your children. All we ask is that you keep it in your pants and be loyal to your family. If the show is cancelled, I would love to see either of them back at work for the first day. You are willing to give up a life without work to have an affair? Enjoy your new bosses!

If Jon and Kate never had affairs, then I wish them well. Unlike the Octomom, they didn’t choose to become the parents of eight children. They had a set of twins and then the next birth gave them six more children. I hope for the sake of the children that the parents stay together. If they do stay together, I hope it’s not just for the sake of money.


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