Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Everybody Wins and The Issue

Unlike Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump did not tell Carrie Prejean, “You’re fired!”

I’m going to try to be as unbiased as I can when writing about this issue.

I will admit that I support gay marriage and I wanted Carrie Prejean to lose her crown today. I did not want her to lose because she is against gay marriage. I wanted her to lose because I feel that she was taking a stand as to what she thought was not moral, and then we saw her own immoral actions.

I am not a very conservative person, but if I had a seventeen year-old daughter and she needed a parent to sign off to let her pose without a top and cover her breasts with her arm, I would not only say “No!”, but I would enroll her as the only Jewish member of the local Catholic high school.

That being said, I want to focus on Donald Trump. He had to be thinking right now, “Why me?” He is in a situation in which he is going to upset either the people who are for or against gay marriage with his decision to fire or keep Carrie Prejean as Miss California. Either way, someone is not going to be happy with him.

Let’s start with the rules. The rules state that she would not have been allowed to have posed nude or semi-nude in the past. Did she break that rule? Yes she did.

But rules are not laws. Donald Trump is the owner of contest. It’s his call no matter what. He decided not to go directly by the book when he decided to let Carrie Prejean keep her crown.

Why did he break his own rules? In my opinion, and I could be dead wrong, he knew that he would upset the fewest number of people if he let her keep her crown. Let’s say that you have two groups of people. Group A wants you to take something away from Carrie. Group B wants you to let Carrie keep something. It would upset Group B more if you take the crown away. It would just annoy Group A if you don’t take it away. Group B (those against gay marriage) would be more likely to boycott Donald Trump products and shows. They may refuse to ever watch the Miss USA competition or Celebrity Apprentice again. Group A (those who support gay marriage) are annoyed, but as a member of that group, I’m not going to boycott anything by Donald Trump. I’m annoyed, but not hurt.

So Donald Trump made the safe choice. As a business man, I will not fault him for that. But I have to say, he was very selective about his own rules.

Winner: Donald Trump

I will also admit that Carrie Prejean is in a better position to make a career than the actual Miss USA, Kristen Dalton. Carrie is recognized throughout the nation. She is celebrated by half of the people and vilified by the other. You don’t need most of the nation liking you to make a career. You need followers who will support you. I would bet in a few years she will be hired by Fox News. I think that the attention that she was given will provide her with an audience and potentially wealth.

Winner: Carrie Prejean

Donald Trump said that he would love to have Perez Hilton back as a judge next year. Perez has already stated that he would love to be a judge again. This controversy made him a symbol for gay rights, not just a symbol for celebrity hatred. This controversy has made him a bigger celebrity than before.

Winner: Perez Hilton

Finally, the issue of gay marriage. When Perez Hilton asked Carrie Prejean about gay marriage on April 19th, only four states allowed gay marriage. As of today, May 12th (less than one month later), five states allow gay marriage. Maine is the newest state to do so.

Since 2004, the increase in discussion about gay marriage has led to states allowing it to become law. Gay marriage was not a very public issue in the 1990s. No discussion led to no progress. So in my opinion, the debate over gay marriage in the Miss USA competition has been a positive thing for those who support gay marriage.

It looks like this is a trend that will grow over time. Carrie Prejean may be against gay marriage, but progress on this issue can only be held back. It will not be prevented. Over the next few years, I think it is safe to say that more states will allow gay marriage.

Winner: Gay Marriage

Carrie Prejean has the potential to turn into the next Anita Bryant. I did not know who Anita Bryant was until I saw the movie Milk. If you do not know who Anita Bryant is, then look her name up. I think that Carrie Prejean needs to think long and hard before she walks in those shoes.


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