Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chris Brown: You Are A Monster!

Chris Brown, who is “accused” of beating up his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, recently made a YouTube video claiming that he is not a monster.

In the news today, it is also reported that a photographer was roughed up by Chris Brown’s bodyguards for taking a photograph of Mr. Brown.

Let’s take a look at this:

1. Chris Brown is accused of beating the crap out of his now ex-girlfriend.

2. Chris Brown is trying to level with the public that now hates him.

3. His employees have just committed violence against someone trying to take a photograph.

Mr. Chris Brown, or as I will now refer to you as “Girl Abuser”, if you are really trying to change your image, you may not want anyone to commit violence on your behalf.

When the bodyguards of celebrities beat up a photographer, the celebrity should:

1. Fire the bodyguards.

2. Offer to testify against his or her own bodyguards.

That is, unless the celebrity, being Chris “Girl Abuser” Brown, actually told the bodyguards to do so. Then he should be charged for his part in their actions.

In regards to the beating he put on Rihanna, I cannot put myself in his shoes because I would never hit a woman. I do not feel bad for him at all. Honestly, I would love to beat the crap out of him.

What Chris “Girl Abuser” Brown needs to understand is that he did one of the things that people don’t get forgiven for in Hollywood. Those two things are:

1. Saying something racist or Anti-Semitic.

2. Beating up a woman.

As you can tell by my previous article, I don’t like people who hate Jews. I also don’t like racists.

Chris Brown did the other unthinkable thing when he beat up a woman. Let’s look at two other woman beaters.

Ike Turner maybe have been one of the founding fathers of Rock & Roll, but he will always be remembered for beating up Tina Turner. When Ike Turner died last year, he was remembered more for abusing Tina Turner than anything else. It did not matter that he was an extremely talented musician who had just won another Grammy. His talent and the memory of him will always be overshadowed by the evil things he did to Tina.

Mike Tyson was not only violent to Robin Givens, but he also is a convicted rapist. I believe that Mike Tyson was the greatest boxer of my lifetime, but his personal problems prevented him from returning to the glory of his earlier career. He will always be remembered as being an abusive person.

The loss of Mike Tyson’s four year-old daughter only days ago actually makes me feel really bad for him. I think it takes something like that for people to feel bad for him. Regardless of Mike Tyson’s past, I do feel that he lost a daughter.

Chris “Girl Abuser” Brown’s career is probably over. At least he probably has enough money to retire. If he wants to change his image, he should do things like volunteer at a battered-women’s shelter. Seeing him on a jet ski having fun does not give the image of someone very remorseful. It also doesn’t help when his own employees use violence while guarding him.

I suspect that we have seen the end of Chris “Girl Abuser” Brown’s career… and I don’t feel bad for him one bit.


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