Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chris Brown: You Are A Monster!

Chris Brown, who is “accused” of beating up his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, recently made a YouTube video claiming that he is not a monster.

In the news today, it is also reported that a photographer was roughed up by Chris Brown’s bodyguards for taking a photograph of Mr. Brown.

Let’s take a look at this:

1. Chris Brown is accused of beating the crap out of his now ex-girlfriend.

2. Chris Brown is trying to level with the public that now hates him.

3. His employees have just committed violence against someone trying to take a photograph.

Mr. Chris Brown, or as I will now refer to you as “Girl Abuser”, if you are really trying to change your image, you may not want anyone to commit violence on your behalf.

When the bodyguards of celebrities beat up a photographer, the celebrity should:

1. Fire the bodyguards.

2. Offer to testify against his or her own bodyguards.

That is, unless the celebrity, being Chris “Girl Abuser” Brown, actually told the bodyguards to do so. Then he should be charged for his part in their actions.

In regards to the beating he put on Rihanna, I cannot put myself in his shoes because I would never hit a woman. I do not feel bad for him at all. Honestly, I would love to beat the crap out of him.

What Chris “Girl Abuser” Brown needs to understand is that he did one of the things that people don’t get forgiven for in Hollywood. Those two things are:

1. Saying something racist or Anti-Semitic.

2. Beating up a woman.

As you can tell by my previous article, I don’t like people who hate Jews. I also don’t like racists.

Chris Brown did the other unthinkable thing when he beat up a woman. Let’s look at two other woman beaters.

Ike Turner maybe have been one of the founding fathers of Rock & Roll, but he will always be remembered for beating up Tina Turner. When Ike Turner died last year, he was remembered more for abusing Tina Turner than anything else. It did not matter that he was an extremely talented musician who had just won another Grammy. His talent and the memory of him will always be overshadowed by the evil things he did to Tina.

Mike Tyson was not only violent to Robin Givens, but he also is a convicted rapist. I believe that Mike Tyson was the greatest boxer of my lifetime, but his personal problems prevented him from returning to the glory of his earlier career. He will always be remembered as being an abusive person.

The loss of Mike Tyson’s four year-old daughter only days ago actually makes me feel really bad for him. I think it takes something like that for people to feel bad for him. Regardless of Mike Tyson’s past, I do feel that he lost a daughter.

Chris “Girl Abuser” Brown’s career is probably over. At least he probably has enough money to retire. If he wants to change his image, he should do things like volunteer at a battered-women’s shelter. Seeing him on a jet ski having fun does not give the image of someone very remorseful. It also doesn’t help when his own employees use violence while guarding him.

I suspect that we have seen the end of Chris “Girl Abuser” Brown’s career… and I don’t feel bad for him one bit.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mel Gibson: Adultery and Wedlock.

I want to make this very clear: Mel Gibson's Anti-Semitism has NOTHING to do with his religion. Catholicism does not teach hatred. Mel Gibson chose to hate Jews by himself or through the teachings of his Anti-Semitic father, Hutton Gibson.
I won’t pretend not to prejudge Mel Gibson. I cannot stand him because he’s an Anti-Semite. The guy has a real problem with Jews. I remember seeing elements of Jewish hatred in his movie The Passion of the Christ when every Jew had a hook-nose except for Jesus. But it could not be proven at that point if he really hated Jews. Then he was caught saying a lot of hateful things about Jews when he was arrested for DUI. He does not like my people and I don’t like him.

Even if I did like him, I have to say that it is always funny when a conservative gets in trouble for a sex scandal. The more conservative a person is, the more funny it is when they get caught in an affair.

Mel Gibson, like him or hate him, was married for 28 years. Unlike many celebrities who are handsome and filthy rich, Mel Gibson was loyal to his wife. This was actually expected. Mel Gibson is a practicing Traditionalist Catholic. To clarify, they still have Mass in Latin. I want to make it clear that his Anti-Semitism is not related to his faith. I hold nothing against any Catholic person because Mel Gibson shares the same religion.

But the reason why I bring up his background is that he is, or was, more deeply religious than most people in Hollywood. Some people were born into a religion and believe in their religion. Mel Gibson lived it.

Recently it was reported that Mel Gibson and his wife Robyn were getting a divorce. What came between them? An affair. Not only did Mel Gibson cheat on his wife (a major sin), but he has now admitted that his current girlfriend is pregnant with his child.

Mel Gibson reminds me of someone who goes from a veggie diet to pigging out on beef. He has gone from one of those people who held himself to a higher standard, to falling below the morals of most average people.

I really wonder if his marriage was hurt by the DUI arrest when he made the hateful comments against Jews. It is one thing to be the wife of Mel Gibson, People Magazine’s first choice for Sexiest Man Alive. It is another thing if you are married to Mel Gibson, Jew-hating drunk. Even if their marriage was doomed, he should have gotten a divorce before impregnating another woman.

I may not be a very religious person, but I feel a lot more proud of my morals than Mel Gibson should.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sean Penn: Robin Wrong or Robin Wright?

Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn had filed for divorce in December of 2007 and then they reconciled. Last month, Sean Penn had filed to separate from his wife. He just withdrew his petition to separate from his wife.

Let me begin by saying that I am happy that Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn are staying together. Both times that they were breaking up, I felt bad for them. They are one of the Hollywood couples that I actually liked.

I think that the main reason why I like them as a couple is because their relationship has been low-key. While Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s relationship is tabloid fodder, Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn’s relationship has been rather normal.

Keep in mind, Sean Penn has been a newsmaker himself in recent years. He has been very vocal about his political views. He just won the Oscar for Best Actor. Sean Penn played Harvey Milk in the film, Milk. The issues of gay rights in the film are parallel to the current issues dealing with gay rights.

Robin Wright Penn is best known for the film The Princess Bride, which has become a cult classic. While Sean Penn has kept himself in the news, I cannot tell you a think about her personal life. This is because she has not done things in her personal life that would put her in the spotlight.

Usually, when two celebrities get together, they become more famous as a couple. In this case, Robin Wright Penn’s lack of controversy (which is a good thing) has kept them as normal as can be. For Sean Penn, Robin Wright is Mrs. Right.

From 1985-1989, Sean Penn was married to Madonna. The combination of two extremely outgoing celebrities is what the paparazzi dream of. Sean Penn is remembered for punching a member of the paparazzi while he was married to Madonna. He went to jail for this.

I would say that Robin Wright Penn’s calm social persona is truly what Sean Penn needs. They appear to balance each other out. I am very happy that they are going to stay together.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jon & Kate's Fate

I will begin by saying that I have never seen the show Jon & Kate Plus 8, so I am not judging the content of the show. I don’t know if it is entertaining, educational, or just gives audiences the voyeuristic joy of looking into the life of an odd family of ten people. My comments are about the alleged affairs, the choice of using reality television, and the fate of the show.

The first reality television show about a famous family was The Osbournes. It was interesting for an audience to imagine what it would be like to have Ozzy Osbourne as an actual father. Sharon Osbourne was not well-known prior to the show, but at this point, she is now a recognized celebrity. Another show that was similar in style was Hogan Knows Best, in which the audience could see what it would be like to have Hulk Hogan as a father.

What those two shows had in common was the fact that the families were rich enough that they already did not have to work. The first problem that I have with Jon & Kate Plus 8 is that the salary from the show allows the parents to stay at home, which makes the show not reality television in the first place. The show changes reality because the lives of Jon, Kate, and their eight children are different because of the wealth that the show brings them. We are not seeing what it would be really like for a family with eight children. We are seeing what it would be like if we took a family of ten and gave them enough money so the parents could stay at home. This is not the life that they would have without the show.

I do not have a problem with them filming the family. While their reality has been changed, it is probably an advantage for the children. I could be wrong though. If I had the choice as a young child, would I want my parents to be able to take care of me all day and have cameras around, or would I want them to be working and I’m stuck at a babysitter? As a young child, I would probably prefer the first option. While it is not reality, it may be easier for the children.

Now the real problem that I have with the show is that one or both of the parents may have had an affair. I do not want to seem like the moral police, but after you have eight children, you may want to try to keep a family that large from splitting up. I cannot imagine having eight children and then leaving a wife or having her leave me.

If Jon and Kate get a divorce, I would bet that their show would be cancelled. Who wants to see the sad story of eight children being driven back and forth from the mother’s house to the father’s house? I don’t want to even see the show the way it is.

I also have big problem with people who believe that Jon and Kate should be left alone. Why do they deserve any privacy? They chose to be paid to put their lives and the lives of their children on television. They are exploiting themselves. Anyone who is on reality television does not deserve privacy, because they are already getting paid to air their dirty laundry.

If Jon and Kate get divorced and they lose their show, it serves them right. They hit the gravy train. Never have to work. Just raise your children. All we ask is that you keep it in your pants and be loyal to your family. If the show is cancelled, I would love to see either of them back at work for the first day. You are willing to give up a life without work to have an affair? Enjoy your new bosses!

If Jon and Kate never had affairs, then I wish them well. Unlike the Octomom, they didn’t choose to become the parents of eight children. They had a set of twins and then the next birth gave them six more children. I hope for the sake of the children that the parents stay together. If they do stay together, I hope it’s not just for the sake of money.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Everybody Wins and The Issue

Unlike Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump did not tell Carrie Prejean, “You’re fired!”

I’m going to try to be as unbiased as I can when writing about this issue.

I will admit that I support gay marriage and I wanted Carrie Prejean to lose her crown today. I did not want her to lose because she is against gay marriage. I wanted her to lose because I feel that she was taking a stand as to what she thought was not moral, and then we saw her own immoral actions.

I am not a very conservative person, but if I had a seventeen year-old daughter and she needed a parent to sign off to let her pose without a top and cover her breasts with her arm, I would not only say “No!”, but I would enroll her as the only Jewish member of the local Catholic high school.

That being said, I want to focus on Donald Trump. He had to be thinking right now, “Why me?” He is in a situation in which he is going to upset either the people who are for or against gay marriage with his decision to fire or keep Carrie Prejean as Miss California. Either way, someone is not going to be happy with him.

Let’s start with the rules. The rules state that she would not have been allowed to have posed nude or semi-nude in the past. Did she break that rule? Yes she did.

But rules are not laws. Donald Trump is the owner of contest. It’s his call no matter what. He decided not to go directly by the book when he decided to let Carrie Prejean keep her crown.

Why did he break his own rules? In my opinion, and I could be dead wrong, he knew that he would upset the fewest number of people if he let her keep her crown. Let’s say that you have two groups of people. Group A wants you to take something away from Carrie. Group B wants you to let Carrie keep something. It would upset Group B more if you take the crown away. It would just annoy Group A if you don’t take it away. Group B (those against gay marriage) would be more likely to boycott Donald Trump products and shows. They may refuse to ever watch the Miss USA competition or Celebrity Apprentice again. Group A (those who support gay marriage) are annoyed, but as a member of that group, I’m not going to boycott anything by Donald Trump. I’m annoyed, but not hurt.

So Donald Trump made the safe choice. As a business man, I will not fault him for that. But I have to say, he was very selective about his own rules.

Winner: Donald Trump

I will also admit that Carrie Prejean is in a better position to make a career than the actual Miss USA, Kristen Dalton. Carrie is recognized throughout the nation. She is celebrated by half of the people and vilified by the other. You don’t need most of the nation liking you to make a career. You need followers who will support you. I would bet in a few years she will be hired by Fox News. I think that the attention that she was given will provide her with an audience and potentially wealth.

Winner: Carrie Prejean

Donald Trump said that he would love to have Perez Hilton back as a judge next year. Perez has already stated that he would love to be a judge again. This controversy made him a symbol for gay rights, not just a symbol for celebrity hatred. This controversy has made him a bigger celebrity than before.

Winner: Perez Hilton

Finally, the issue of gay marriage. When Perez Hilton asked Carrie Prejean about gay marriage on April 19th, only four states allowed gay marriage. As of today, May 12th (less than one month later), five states allow gay marriage. Maine is the newest state to do so.

Since 2004, the increase in discussion about gay marriage has led to states allowing it to become law. Gay marriage was not a very public issue in the 1990s. No discussion led to no progress. So in my opinion, the debate over gay marriage in the Miss USA competition has been a positive thing for those who support gay marriage.

It looks like this is a trend that will grow over time. Carrie Prejean may be against gay marriage, but progress on this issue can only be held back. It will not be prevented. Over the next few years, I think it is safe to say that more states will allow gay marriage.

Winner: Gay Marriage

Carrie Prejean has the potential to turn into the next Anita Bryant. I did not know who Anita Bryant was until I saw the movie Milk. If you do not know who Anita Bryant is, then look her name up. I think that Carrie Prejean needs to think long and hard before she walks in those shoes.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Facebook 1, Twitter 0

This post is dedicated to January Williams, who suggested that I write about viral entertainment with examples like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Since most people use YouTube to watch videos and not to make their own, I have decided to compare Facebook and Twitter.

I will admit that it may take more time for me to fully evaluate Twitter. Just like Facebook, Twitter may change over time. But right now, I have to say that Facebook is winning.

I will begin by saying that I was one of the first people to use Facebook. In fact, when I signed up for Facebook, it wasn't even at Instead, it was located at Facebook started at Harvard University and then became open to the other Ivy League schools. After that, Facebook was opened to other top schools. When I signed up for Facebook in April 2004, it was only available at about 20 schools.

Facebook continued to evolve over the last five years. Not only can you updated your status, but your friends can comment on your status. You can post comments on the walls of profiles and people can comment on your comments. These comments and responses can lead to open discussions among friends. I have actually made a few friends based on conversations that I have had with people I knew from college. You can also join groups and even create your own groups on Facebook. I have gained friends through different groups and sometimes those friendships have formed between people who actually disagree on topics.

Twitter is a great format for celebrities to give small updates to their fans. Updates can quickly be sent out for others to see. Fans choose to follow the celebrity, but the celebrity does not have to follow or befriend the fan.

Here are the problems that I have with Twitter:

1. Without requiring mutual friendship, the one-way friendship leads to one-way conversations. It is possible that you may try to be very active on Twitter without receiving any responses.

2. When you respond to updates on someone's Twitter page, your response does not show up on the person's page. At least with Facebook, seeing the responses on the person's page can allow a multi-person discussion. Facebook is about more than updates, and it handles updates better than Twitter does.

3. While Twitter is great for celebrities, I don't think that it improves "interaction" between celebrities and their fans. If a celebrity uses a personal website, Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter, it is up to the celebrity to do the work to interact with the fans. While many celebrities praise Twitter, they are human beings and will only interact with fans as much as they choose.

I would say that Facebook is designed so you can interact with your friends. Twitter is designed so you can listen to, not interact with, celebrities. I will not declare Facebook the winner yet because I don't know how Twitter may change over time. I will say that:

1. Facebook is winning.

2. Unlike when I started to use Facebook, the lack of interaction on Twitter is making me bored of it.

If Twitter does not improve, then not only will I declare that Facebook is the winner, but I may cancel my Twitter account.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Dom DeLuise and Emily Rubin, My Sister

Most people who will write about the passing of Dom DeLuise will probably focus on his funny movies. They will tell you what a great actor he was. He was a great actor and starred in great movies, but I want to focus on the real Dom and his kindness to a fan of his, my sister Emily.

Emily teaches high school English in Arizona. For a class assignment, Emily gave her students a choice of four celebrities to write a letter to requesting an autograph for their teacher. Dom DeLuise was one of those four celebrities. I will not say the names of the other three because I do not want to appear critical of them. Emily estimated that seventy percent of her students wrote to Dom.

I do not blame the other three celebrities for not writing back because they did not get that many letters. I cannot judge how one of them would have reacted if the celebrity had received the attention that was given to Dom.

If I said that Dom gave my sister an autograph, you may think that it was very nice of him, but he did a lot more than that. He sent a package to my sister containing:

1. An 8 x 10 head shot that was signed, "To Emily, the best teacher ever. Love, Dom DeLuise."

2. A postcard of Dom and a parrot that he signed with a message for her students letting them know that he loved their letters.

3. Two children's books autographed by him.

4. A picture of a cat that he drew personally for my sister which he also autographed.

What Dom DeLuise did for my sister and her students went above my expectations for any celebrity. He showed a level of appreciation that is rare in any person, celebrity or non-celebrity. It is not only the kindness that he showed my sister and her students that touches me, but the fact that their letters meant so much to him. He appreciated the students for writing to him.

This is how I will remember Dom DeLuise.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Millionaire Bratmaker

Yes I’m using a cute title for Millionaire Matchmaker. I love the show, but have been a little disappointed lately. The problem is that the majority of the couples that are set up are doomed from the start because the millionaire men are the bachelors from Hell.

For those who have not seen the show, it is about the Millionaire’s Club which is run by Patti Stanger, a third-generation matchmaker. The reason why she is matchmaking for millionaires is because they can pay her enough to keep her business successful.

Her company does a lot of work to get new millionaires to turn to her for love. She then usually sets up an event in which two millionaire men get to mingle with a number of women who were picked for the event based on how much of a match they are for the men. Some men have very picky standards. Many of them may only want to date someone of his religion or a woman with a certain color of hair. He then picks usually two women to go on a brief ten minute date right there, and then picks one to go on a separate date later.

The problem with the show in the second season is that the majority of the men really appear to be jerks. Their egos are larger than their bank accounts. That can be expected. What cannot be expected is the treatment that they give to these women.

On a recent show, a millionaire who claims that he has $400 million was set up by Patti to date a girl who was not only gorgeous, but seriously looking for love. During the date while they were playing golf, he decided to urinate behind a bush. The worst part about that is that it looked like he was merely yards from his house. Without washing his hands, he went back to playing golf with her.

He may have had $400 million, but when he called her after the date, she hung up the phone on him.

Some of the men were showing strong interest in the women during the dates, only to admit to Patti after the date that they did not feel a true connection. If a guy does not feel a strong connection, then he shouldn’t pretend otherwise.

Sometimes there just isn’t a connection. That is life. The problem with the show in the second season is that the majority of them men appear to be extremely rude to the women who they are trying to date. The women appear to be more interested in the men on the show. Let’s face it, the men are wealthy and the women know if they find love, they may also never have to work. But the problem is I am seeing such a lack of effort on the part of the men. They are rude, selfish pigs.

For every one man who really appears to want love, I see three who appear to just want the attention of the camera. In my opinion, that is the problem with the second season. Knowing that they will be on national television, I believe that a number of those millionaires are paying Patti to find them dates because they really just want to be on television. What I don’t think that they don’t realize is that their family and friends will be watching. I bet some of those relatives are ashamed of what they see.

I truly believe that Patti is doing exactly what she should be doing. She is being tough with the millionaires. She is trying to find them love, not sex. I cannot fault her in any way because she cannot stop these men from showing their true selves. I just would prefer that the men who do go to her show a little more respect for their potential girlfriends.
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