Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Longer NFL Season

The NFL is considering an increase in the length of the regular season from 16 games to 17 or 18 games. At first, I was against this. The first problem is that the NFL has too many injured players. The second problem is that the teams play from pre-season in August to early February if your team goes to the Super Bowl. The third problem is that it will be easier for future players to break records that are set with a longer season (most touchdown passes, sacks, tackles, etc.).

But something made me change my mind. To increase the length of the regular season, it looks like the NFL will reduce the number of pre-season games. This means that the NFL games will still be played over the same period of time, but they will reduce the number of meaningless pre-season games.

I have to admit that I hate the NFL pre-season. I feel that it is a step above two-hand touch football. Currently, the Washington Redskins are going to play four pre-season games. What normally happens in pre-season is that they:

1. Keep the starting quarterback off of the field for fear that he will be injured and miss the real season.
2. Put in players who are competing for an NFL position and are likely to not make the team.
3. Since it is the pre-season and the games don’t really count, it is more important that players don’t get injured than for players to play their best.

Okay I’ll admit that the players who are trying to make the team will play their best, but I don’t want to waste time watching them. I want to see the starters try their best to win.

The NFL is a very dangerous game with every single team having injuries. I doubt that there was one team in the NFL last year that did not have at least one starter injured. The NBA is not as violent as the NFL is, so a pre-season game of the NBA would probably be more entertaining. Sure players get injured in the NBA, but not as often.

For the NFL to cut two of the pre-season games and to increase the regular season by two-games would get me to watch … two more games! Instead of viewing this as a dragged out season, I would view it as removing two useless games and replacing them with two meaningful ones.

Now there are some NFL players who may not enjoy playing two more games a season. For a player who is paid $8 million a season, he is earning $500,000 a game … even if they don’t win! So now that player would only be earning $444,444.44 a season. I cannot feel sorry for someone in that position.

I feel that the NFL would make a lot more money and the fans would actually prefer a longer NFL season. That is, unless your team is losing every game.

Give me the paycheck you earn for two games and I’ll retire. Without endorsements!


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