Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Longer NFL Season

The NFL is considering an increase in the length of the regular season from 16 games to 17 or 18 games. At first, I was against this. The first problem is that the NFL has too many injured players. The second problem is that the teams play from pre-season in August to early February if your team goes to the Super Bowl. The third problem is that it will be easier for future players to break records that are set with a longer season (most touchdown passes, sacks, tackles, etc.).

But something made me change my mind. To increase the length of the regular season, it looks like the NFL will reduce the number of pre-season games. This means that the NFL games will still be played over the same period of time, but they will reduce the number of meaningless pre-season games.

I have to admit that I hate the NFL pre-season. I feel that it is a step above two-hand touch football. Currently, the Washington Redskins are going to play four pre-season games. What normally happens in pre-season is that they:

1. Keep the starting quarterback off of the field for fear that he will be injured and miss the real season.
2. Put in players who are competing for an NFL position and are likely to not make the team.
3. Since it is the pre-season and the games don’t really count, it is more important that players don’t get injured than for players to play their best.

Okay I’ll admit that the players who are trying to make the team will play their best, but I don’t want to waste time watching them. I want to see the starters try their best to win.

The NFL is a very dangerous game with every single team having injuries. I doubt that there was one team in the NFL last year that did not have at least one starter injured. The NBA is not as violent as the NFL is, so a pre-season game of the NBA would probably be more entertaining. Sure players get injured in the NBA, but not as often.

For the NFL to cut two of the pre-season games and to increase the regular season by two-games would get me to watch … two more games! Instead of viewing this as a dragged out season, I would view it as removing two useless games and replacing them with two meaningful ones.

Now there are some NFL players who may not enjoy playing two more games a season. For a player who is paid $8 million a season, he is earning $500,000 a game … even if they don’t win! So now that player would only be earning $444,444.44 a season. I cannot feel sorry for someone in that position.

I feel that the NFL would make a lot more money and the fans would actually prefer a longer NFL season. That is, unless your team is losing every game.

Give me the paycheck you earn for two games and I’ll retire. Without endorsements!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dr. Evil: Get a driver!

As a Redskins fan, I was very happy to see them get Albert Haynesworth in the free agent market. I was surprised to read that they gave him a 7-year contract for $100 million. This made me think of Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies holding his pinky finger up to his lips, saying, “One Hundred Million Dollars!”

Albert Haynesworth was recently in a car accident in which someone was hurt. It does not appear that alcohol was involved. He has been charged for the accident and could face a maximum penalty of a $500 fine and six months in jail.

Now the $500 is practically nothing to him, but the timing of the jail sentence could have him miss his first season with the Redskins. That could be a loss of $14 million! In addition to losing the money, losing a year in the NFL can reduce his ability to perform well the next year. He may not have access or enough access to weightlifting equipment to stay in NFL shape.

While it appears that alcohol did not contribute to the car accident, he has to be accused of doing something criminal for him to be charged. He was probably speeding. I cannot help but to be reminded of Paris Hilton and Mel Gibson, who were both arrested for drunk driving.

These are people who are rich enough to afford personal drivers. In addition, they are famous enough to have fans willing to drive them for free! Paris Hilton recently had a reality show in which contestants were competing to be her new best friend. It is clear that a lot of people would be willing to drive her for free just to hang around her. She could have avoided that time in jail had she giving a fan a day to hang out with Paris.

In the case of Mel Gibson, had he allowed for some super-fan to hang out with him, he would have never had that public, anti-semitic tirade. He would have just been rumored to be a Jew hater.

I hope that Albert Haynesworth is innocent. If he is guilty, then I hope that he gets a personal driver. We know that he can afford it!

Just as I was about to upload this article, I just read that Browns WR Stallworth hit and killed a pedestrian. It is not clear if charges will be filed or not.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Dave Mustaine makes peace with Metallica

I don’t usually believe that some of the successful musicians are actually “tortured artists”. How can anyone feel sorry for a rich rock star? To be a rich rock star means that you have fame, enough wealth to never have to work again, and enough female fans to easily find someone interested in dating you. There is one musician who truly is a tortured artist. He is Dave Mustaine of Megadeth.

A lot of people have heard of Megadeth but unless they are into Heavy Metal, they may not be able to name a single song by the group. That is, until you hear “Peace Sells” and remember the bass that was used by MTV News.

If you are into Heavy Metal, then you probably know the music of Megadeth. Technically, the music is referred to as Thrash Metal. The big four of Thrash Metal are Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer. Anthrax had a changing line of lead singers. Slayer played a lot of songs about Satanism and references towards Nazis. Even though the members of Slayer are not Nazis, it kept them from gaining mainstream acceptance.

Dave Mustaine was the lead guitarist of Metallica and was later fired from the band before they released any albums. He formed Megadeth. Dave Mustaine would both play guitar and be the lead singer of the band. Megadeth became a very successful band, selling millions of albums. But… not as successful as Metallica.

It has to hurt being number two. It probably hurts more for an NFL player to lose the Super Bowl than to lose the NFC or AFC Championship game to get into the Super Bowl. But the only thing to hurt more than being number two is to have been fired by number one. For years, Dave Mustaine would try to make Megadeth the best Thrash Metal band. Had he never been in Metallica, he would be known as the leader of one of the best Thrash Metal bands of all time. Instead, he will always be compared to the band that fired him. Starting from scratch, he would form the number two band, but always be known as the man who lost his chance to be in the top band.

This feud between Megadeth and Metallica would last for years. The members of Metallica did not suffer from this feud. They were the top band. Had Metallica been outsold by Megadeth, then James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich of Metallica would probably have regretted their decision to fire Dave Mustaine.

Instead, the feud would torture Dave Mustaine for years. People would mock him for being fired from Metallica. Dave Mustaine was a truly tortured artist who could not overcome the pain of being fired by Metallica.

Recently, Metallica was chosen for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Dave Mustaine was never on a single Metallica record so he was not eligible to be inducted with them. James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich decided to invite Dave Mustaine to the pre-ceremony and to the ceremony when Metallica would be inducted. Dave was truly touched by this invitation. Although he would be unable to attend the ceremony because Megadeth would be on tour, Dave decided to write an open letter to Metallica to thank them for their invitation:

“Metallica, as you know has been selected to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (on April 4th). So, it is with much respect that I say congratulations!

I also had the nice surprise of hearing that they called to invite me to the pre-ceremony party the night before, and then to the actual ceremony. Unfortunately as you all know, I will be winding down our European tour with Judas Priest so I will be unable to attend.

However, I’d like to say to Lars (Ulrich) and James (Hetfield), I am so very proud of all you have accomplished. I will continue to pray for the very best for you and your families as I always have.

Thank you for the invitation and thinking of me.

Respectfully yours,Dave Mustaine”

I really hope that this mends the rift between Dave Mustaine and Metallica. I hope this more for Dave because I believe that if he is at peace with his parting from Metallica, he will no longer have to compete with them. He will be able to work on making music with the focus on one thing: making great Megadeth albums.
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