Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hospital, Divorce, Recovery

This should not be the correct order. There is a time and a place for everything. As we know, Morgan Freeman was in a car accident that left him in critical condition. In the car was a female friend. While he was in the hospital, it was announced that he would be getting a divorce after 24 years of marriage.

Several questions come to my mind based on the information provided above.

1. Did his wife seek the divorce before or after the car crash?
2. Was it his wife or was it him who was seeking the divorce?
3. Did the divorce have anything to do with the female friend who was in the car with him?

I have very little information to go by, but I read a lot into the information given. I do not know if Morgan Freeman had an affair, so I’m just going under the assumption of the possibility.

If Morgan Freedman had an affair, there is a chance that his wife would not have known about it until the car crash. If that is the case, even if she is extremely angry over the affair, she should have waited until he left the hospital to announce that she was filing for divorce. As angry as anyone would be to find out that a spouse is cheating, I do not believe it is appropriate to file for divorce right after the cheating spouse was in a critical car crash, which could have cost him his life.

If Morgan Freedman did not have an affair, I do not see why there would be any motivation to file for divorce while he was in the hospital. There would have to be some other motivation for a spouse to file for divorce while the other spouse is hospitalized.

If Morgan Freedman filed for divorce, then it just came out while he was in the hospital and the media was paying more attention to his personal life. They may have been asking his friends about him and one of them may have brought up the fact that he is getting a divorce. This is a strong possibility.

If Morgan Freedman or his wife had filed for divorce before the crash, then it would have been the media exposing their personal lives. Morgan Freedman is an extremely talented actor. He is one of the most likeable actors around. One thing that I have noticed about him is that he seems very private and not involved with stories that normally would hit the tabloids. I hope that the divorce has nothing to do with the female friend in the car and I hope that he can move on with his life.


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