Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jennifer Aniston: 1 out of 200,000.

Some people make the same mistake over and over again. You cannot help them. You just watch it happen again and again until they appear to be doing a self-imitation.

Jennifer Aniston is starting to do a great imitation of herself.

Now this is hard to explain. Jennifer Aniston seems like one of the nicest people. She is definitely attractive. But at the same time, there is something about her that draws men away from her. In a way, she’s like the cute girl who you really don’t want to date.

Back in 2005, I joked by saying, “As women around the world celebrate Brad Pitt’s entry into single life, men continue to not give a shit about Jennifer Aniston.”

That comment got some laughter. It’s funny because to a lot of people, it is true. Jennifer Aniston is cute, but in a way, she’s not sexy. She’s just there. You know when you see someone who is gorgeous, and you think, “Wow, look at her!” Jennifer is not that girl.

Angelina Jolie is that girl!

That is the difference between cute and sexy. Jennifer Aniston is cute. Angelina Jolie is sexy!

But this is not about the fact that Jennifer Aniston was dumped by Brad Pitt. The real issue is why she has made mistake after mistake ever since the breakup.

She dated Vince Vaughn and then John Mayer. She has a right to date whoever she feels like dating. But now that John Mayer has dumped her. I have a piece of advice that I really wish she could hear.

My advice: Date one non-celebrity.

I think that Jennifer Aniston has tried to capitalize on “Feel sorry for me because I was dumped by Brad Pitt.” I honestly did feel sorry for her because she seems like a good person. She hasn’t said or done anything that can actually make me dislike her as a person.

But at the same time, how can I feel sorry for a celebrity who dates no one but celebrities? I honestly cannot feel sorry at this point. I feel that she is trying to replace Brad Pitt by dating another famous actor or singer that other women really want.

Celebrities have a few advantages over non-celebrities:

1) They are rich.
2) They are famous.
3) They are usually beautiful.

Sometimes, a celebrity couple can be very successful. One rich and beautiful celebrity who can have anyone he or she wants goes after another celebrity. Sometimes you end up dating a celebrity who everyone else wants. Lucky you!

But sometimes it doesn’t work that way. Even Cameron Diaz is single! But celebrities also have the ability to date non-celebrities who could end up being in awe of them.

To John Mayer, Jennifer Aniston may have been just another girl. But to some regular guy who may have been a fan of the show Friends, she is JENNIFER ANISTON!

I don’t think that someone should just fall in love with and marry her because she is a celebrity, but her dating pool should be bigger than People Magazine. She won’t be dating a Brad Pitt or a John Mayer. Maybe she’d find a really handsome and nice guy who is just… normal!

Or maybe she doesn’t want normal. Maybe she just cannot see herself without someone else famous so people won’t look at her as someone who took a step down from Brad Pitt. Someone should tell Jennifer Aniston that for the last 15 years, women would put together their top five lists of the guys that they liked. That lists included:

1. Tom Cruise
2. Brad Pitt
3. Random Guy #1
4. Random Guy #2
5. Random Guy #3

Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and three other guys who would change on the list year after year. Someone should tell her that she’s not going to find the next Brad Pitt. Tom Cruise is taken. Jennifer Aniston is ignoring most of the fish in the sea. She wants another celebrity and I bet her next relationship will be with another celebrity.

This reminds me of a woman who was a millionaire who I saw on TV who insisted that the next time she gets married; the man has to have at least one million dollars of his own. I can see that she wouldn’t want someone who would marry her for her money alone. That is reasonable. But to insist that her next husband is a millionaire is ridiculous.

Jennifer Aniston has entered the same level of ridiculousness. I think that this number may sound high, but let’s say that there are 3000 big celebrities in the United States. Keep in mind that not every celebrity is immediately recognizable to others. So many factors can determine how famous someone is. Some celebrities become less famous over time. So in a nation of 300 million people, Jennifer Aniston is fishing through a pool in which only 1 out of 100,000 is acceptable. But wait, we’re only talking about famous men, because she is a woman. Now the number is 1 out of every 200,000 people in the United States.

Do you still feel sorry for Jennifer Aniston?

I don’t.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Shame on Pau Gasol!

I’m not just ashamed of him, but of his team.

Pau Gasol, the center on the Los Angeles Lakers, is playing for the Spanish men’s basketball team in the Olympics.

Normally I don’t write about sports, but this story is important.

The Spanish team posed for a photo in which each of them put their fingers on the sides of their heads and pushing the skin back to make it look like they had slant eyes.

They were going to the Olympics in Spain.

This was actually for an advertisement in Spain.

I’m not Asian and I don’t have any Asian members of my family or extended family. This is not personal. But this is racist.

They thought that this would be funny, not racist. I would have one question for Pau Gasol. Would you actually do this in front of one Asian person?

Sometimes people may feel that they can say something or do something in front of one person that they would not do in front of anyone. But the problem with this is that it’s an advertisement that can be seen by anyone. This was not even a photo at a private party that got out. This was a photo that was meant to be public.

I think that Pau Gasol was definitely insensitive, if not an actual racist. He plays for one of the most popular teams in the NBA. He probably has millions of fans. I think that it is safe to say that some of them were probably Asian too. It must be hard for Asian fans of Pau Gasol to see that photo of him making fun of their race.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hospital, Divorce, Recovery

This should not be the correct order. There is a time and a place for everything. As we know, Morgan Freeman was in a car accident that left him in critical condition. In the car was a female friend. While he was in the hospital, it was announced that he would be getting a divorce after 24 years of marriage.

Several questions come to my mind based on the information provided above.

1. Did his wife seek the divorce before or after the car crash?
2. Was it his wife or was it him who was seeking the divorce?
3. Did the divorce have anything to do with the female friend who was in the car with him?

I have very little information to go by, but I read a lot into the information given. I do not know if Morgan Freeman had an affair, so I’m just going under the assumption of the possibility.

If Morgan Freedman had an affair, there is a chance that his wife would not have known about it until the car crash. If that is the case, even if she is extremely angry over the affair, she should have waited until he left the hospital to announce that she was filing for divorce. As angry as anyone would be to find out that a spouse is cheating, I do not believe it is appropriate to file for divorce right after the cheating spouse was in a critical car crash, which could have cost him his life.

If Morgan Freedman did not have an affair, I do not see why there would be any motivation to file for divorce while he was in the hospital. There would have to be some other motivation for a spouse to file for divorce while the other spouse is hospitalized.

If Morgan Freedman filed for divorce, then it just came out while he was in the hospital and the media was paying more attention to his personal life. They may have been asking his friends about him and one of them may have brought up the fact that he is getting a divorce. This is a strong possibility.

If Morgan Freedman or his wife had filed for divorce before the crash, then it would have been the media exposing their personal lives. Morgan Freedman is an extremely talented actor. He is one of the most likeable actors around. One thing that I have noticed about him is that he seems very private and not involved with stories that normally would hit the tabloids. I hope that the divorce has nothing to do with the female friend in the car and I hope that he can move on with his life.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Chef or Shaft?

Have I chosen an unfair title? Is it wrong for me to simplify his life down to two characters? There is more to his life and I have more to talk about.But to be honest, Isaac Hayes is mainly known for writing the theme song for the movie Shaft and for providing the voice for the character Chef on South Park. These are the two biggest parts of his career.Isaac Hayes won an Oscar for the theme ng to the film Shaft. He not only had a great voice, but was an extremely talented musician and writer.He was known to two generations of fans. The first was in the early 1970s and the second was in the late 1990s. To me, he was the voice of Chef, the woman seducing chef who worked in the cafeteria at the elementary school. He would sing like the 70s soul singer. Chef was very important on the show because he was the only adult who the children could turn to for advice.Then came Scientology.Isaac Hayes was a Scientologist. He was deeply offended by an episode in which Tom Cruise and Scientology were made fun of. He left South Park because he felt that the show was insensitive towards his religion.

The problem is that South Park did not target one religion, but made fun of multiple religions and many different social groups. South Park made fun of Jews, Catholics, and Mormons as well. Isaac Hayes had a double standard. He was okay being on the show when it made fun of the other groups, but felt that his own group needed to be treated with kid gloves.

Sometimes people actually get the opposite response that they were looking for. By actually leaving the show, I feel that Isaac Hayes may have created more hostility towards Scientology. Some people believe that he was pressured to leave the show. He could have used his role of Chef to actually get people to learn more about his religion. Instead, there is a view that Scientology forced him to leave the show and they seem more controlling over individuals than other religions.

I feel that this situation tainted his legacy. Had South Park only targeted Scientologists, then I would side with him. I was angry that he left the show. I was disappointed that with his passing, he can never return to South Park. To me, Isaac Hayes is Chef, not Shaft. He made South Park better with his presence. While I still feel angry with him, I am sorry that he passed away.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Not a Private Matter

So Christian Bale was arrested, but not charged, with assault on his sister and mother.

I do not know if he will be charged. I cannot tell you if he is innocent or guilty. I can say this. When it comes to celebrities and abuse, it is not a private matter.

Studios spend millions of dollars to promote films. Famous actors are not just judged by their acting talent. They are also judged by their likeability.

If an actor is known to hurt members of his family, the actor would have a more difficult time separating his personal life from his professional job. If you think that I am wrong, just ask any celebrity with a tainted past.

There are a few things that a celebrity or any human being can do that will forever taint his image:

1. Being a sexual predator.
2. Being a thief.
3. Being a spousal abuser.

It is hard for me to look at an actor and not think of the horrible things that he did. O.J. Simpson had some success as an actor after his football career had ended. Then he was arrested for double murder. He was found not guilty by a criminal court, but also found liable in civil court for the murders of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. But many people strongly believe that he is guilty of the murders. When I think of him, I think of the O.J. Simpson murder case. I do not think of the football career. It would be too risky for any studio to put him in a film. His acting career is over.

I cannot think of Mel Gibson without thinking of the horrible things that he said about Jews. I am Jewish and feel that he is Anti-Semitic. Therefore, I am not interested in going to see his movies. I used to be a fan of his. I loved and own the movie Braveheart. Mel Gibson is an extremely talented actor and director. That being said, I cannot think about him without remembering his hatred of Jews.

I truly hope that Christian Bale is innocent. But if he is found guilty, just like many other celebrities, one wrong decision can potentially ruin his film career.
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