Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shame On Lindsay Lohan

The death of Heath Ledger was a reminder of celebrities who died young needlessly. Hollywood is filled with people who have been reckless with their lives. If I had to name the three celebrities who are most likely to die of an overdose in 2008, I would say in order Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan.
Lindsay Lohan recently blamed "the industry" for the death of Heath Ledger.
I know that the rich and famous are more likely to be exposed to substances. But I have a big problem with her blaming the industry for the choices of individuals.
Lindsay Lohan probably should go back to rehab right now. She obviously has not learned anything about personal responsibility.
I do not buy the industry excuse for a second. Industry titan Steven Spielberg never had a substance abuse problem, and he has been a superstar since 1975.
Tom Hanks has been a star since the 1980's and has never had a substance problem.
So the bigger actor and director in Hollywood have not had substance abuse problems. Both men were famous before Lindsay Lohan was born. Did the industry not try to lure them into the gutter?
People like Hanks and Spielberg just didn't go out to the clubs looking for action. Lindsay did.
Lindsay Lohan became a hot actress in 2004 after she starred in Mean Girls. She has red hair and a great body. Guys wanted her. She entered relationships with celebrities and was also seen at many clubs, drinking underage.
It must be fun to be the hot, young actress who can go to the clubs and get lots of attention.
Her problems with substances should not be blamed on the film industry. She was famous and attractive, but was given access to drugs because of who she was outside of the studio. She used her own hype to get access to what she wanted. Any club that does not give Lindsay would probably not get her as a repeat customer.
She became an alcoholic before the age of 21. I don't think that she can blame Hollywood for that.
I remember that she went to a club right after leaving rehab. It may have been the same day. She clamed that she could go to the club and not drink. That would be like a fat man going to an all-you-can-eat buffet and claim that he will just have one plate of food.
It is time for celebrities to just admit that they have been overwhelmed by there fame and the access it has given them in there personal life. Either that or the next big headlines may say one of these things:
Lindsay Lohan (1986-2008)
Amy Winehouse (1983-2008)
Britney Spears (1981-2008)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Heath Ledger's Death

I did not want to jump to any conclusions before the final report came out. It appears that Heath died of an accidental overdose of his presciption medication.

I'm honestly sick of hearing things like that. Every bottle of medicine says how many pills to take per day. How do these people accidently overdose?
Medicine is sometimes treated like candy. Doctors may prescibe too many different kinds of medicine to one individual. I feel that someone must have been reckless in giving too many different kinds of medication. The problem is that we are not hearing from the doctor. Sadly, he or she may not be allowed to speak in public.
There has to be a new line between when a doctor is and is not allowed to speak. Obviously, doctors should not be able to release what medication a patient takes. But when a patient dies due to an accidental overdose, justice for the dead comes above privacy. I want to know if the doctor was reckless in prescrbing too many different kinds of medication to Heath.
We have to go under the assumption that Heath Ledger died of an accidental overdose. I'm sick of hearing about young, healthy looking stars not knowing how to read presciption labels. In a way, I'm mad that Heath had to die in a way simula to Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole Smith, Anna's son Daniel, and musician Nick Drake, who Heath could have played in a movie.
I am looking forward to seeing Heath Ledger's final role as the Joker in The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger should not be missed based on his looks. He proved that he actually was a really talented actor. He should be missed for that reason.
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