Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ike Turner's Tainted Legacy

*I wrote this before Jamie-Lynn Spears announced her pregnancy. An article about that will follow shortly.

Ike Turner liked to call himself the Father of Rock & Roll. I don't think that he will be remembered that way. Even though he was one of the first stars of Rock & Roll, he will be remembered for his tainted personal life. He was a notorious wife beater.
I think that celebrities need to realize that when they allow their personal lives to become more of an issue than their artistic work, they are in trouble. Sometimes their personal lives actually make them more appealing, but can still be a distraction. In most cases though, they personal lives of celebrities that make news make it in a negative way.
Ike Turner was very talented. Even as a has-been, he won a Grammy earlier this year. But he will always be remembered as the man who beat Tina Turner. Nothing he would or could do would change his reputation.
I will put it this way. If Monica Lewinsky found a cure for Cancer and AIDS, she would still be remembered for her affair with Bill Clinton. Ike Turner tried to repair his image unsuccessfully with his 1998 book titled Taking Back My Name. Nice Try.
Ike Turner treated Tina Turner like crap. He was an awful husband and an awful human being. There are bad people in this world and he was one of them.


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