Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jamie-Lynn Spears: Hoey 101

Yes I said it. Jamie-Lynn Spears is a hoe. She didn't have to end up like her crazy sister. I'm now going to call the whole family out on their crap.
Let me begin by saying that stupid people shouldn't have kids. Britney Spears may have a lot of money to support her two kids, but I have a feeling that they will need a lot of luck, more time around their father, and less time around their mother to turn out alright. Jamie-Lynn Spears is obviously not bright either and she cannot even buy a rubber.
I never knew of Britney Spears before she had the hit ...Baby One More Time. But I do know that she was 17 when society started to notice her.
Had Britney Spears been pregnant at 16, she would never have been given the opportunity to be turned into a big star.
Now we have seen Britney change from a so-called virgin waiting until marriage into... the Britney Spears of today.
But Britney also was the guinea pig. The first childhood star of the family to become famous and to fall from grace.
Unlike Britney, Jamie-Lynn was able to see a sibling go nuts. She could see the warning signs and she could have turned out better. She was given the chance to have a career of her own. I have never seen it, but she had a hit with her show Zoey 101 on Nickelodeon.
I'm not saying that Jamie-Lynn Spears is a bad person. She's just not special. She could have set out to be a better role model than her sister. Yes, Jamie-Lynn could have become bigger than Britney if she was a good role model. If she became Britney with morals, then she could have stepped out of that shadow.
But the biggest question is whether Zoey 101 will survive. They have already filmed season four. I think that Nickelodeon should cancel the show because parents will have to explain why Zoey became a hoey.
In an addition note, her mother, Lynne Spears was writing a book about being the mother to famous children. It is being postponed indefinitely. I doubt that it would or should be published now. Or maybe they should just call it The Worst Mother In The World.
I wanted to get the viewpoint of someone who is a Britney Spears fan. I won't say her name, but here's what she said about Jamie-Lynn:
"She's gross and they are dumb. But Britney's music is still oh so good."
I'm glad that this fan can be honest about the Spears sisters.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ike Turner's Tainted Legacy

*I wrote this before Jamie-Lynn Spears announced her pregnancy. An article about that will follow shortly.

Ike Turner liked to call himself the Father of Rock & Roll. I don't think that he will be remembered that way. Even though he was one of the first stars of Rock & Roll, he will be remembered for his tainted personal life. He was a notorious wife beater.
I think that celebrities need to realize that when they allow their personal lives to become more of an issue than their artistic work, they are in trouble. Sometimes their personal lives actually make them more appealing, but can still be a distraction. In most cases though, they personal lives of celebrities that make news make it in a negative way.
Ike Turner was very talented. Even as a has-been, he won a Grammy earlier this year. But he will always be remembered as the man who beat Tina Turner. Nothing he would or could do would change his reputation.
I will put it this way. If Monica Lewinsky found a cure for Cancer and AIDS, she would still be remembered for her affair with Bill Clinton. Ike Turner tried to repair his image unsuccessfully with his 1998 book titled Taking Back My Name. Nice Try.
Ike Turner treated Tina Turner like crap. He was an awful husband and an awful human being. There are bad people in this world and he was one of them.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Who Gives A Crap About The Kardashians?

Reality TV is here to stay. Especially with the writers strike, which is actually leading TV producers to increase the number of reality shows.

I remember when The Osbournes came to MTV. We got to see Ozzy Osbourne as a father. Lots of fans of him loved the show.

Since then, there have been many reality shows starring celebrities. What they all have had in common was the fact that the celebrities were at least somewhat famous. They may have been has-beens. Now we have a show starring a never-was.

So now in 2007 we finally have a celebrity reality show with a celebrity who is not really a celebrity. Kim Kardashian and her family star in Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The first question that people ask themselves is who are the Kardashians? When you find out who they are, you won't give a crap.

Kim Kardashian is the daughter of the late Robert Kardashian. He was one of O.J. Simpson's lawyers during his murder trial. When I heard that, I realized the show's first problem. The relative wasn't very famous. I hate to say it, but he must have been the least famous lawyer in the case. I remember:

1. Robert Shapiro
2. Johnnie Cochran
3. F. Lee Bailey
4. Alan Dershowitz
5. Barry Scheck

I used to watch the O.J. Simpson trial every day. I remember those names. I did not remember Robert Kardashian. So I will admit that to me, it would make sense if we saw a show called Keeping Up With The Cochrans would make some sense.

We cannot forget to look at the star, Kim. What has she done? A sex tape. That's all. Or let's just say that she probably released it herself. I guess she probably wanted to get the same got attention that Paris Hilton got with her own sex tape. But Paris was already famous BEFORE her sex tape came out. Kim Kardashian can go into a Walmart and people would still not know who she is.

I'll admit that you probably won't see Kim Kardashian at a Walmart. I think it's safe to say that not many people will see Kim on TV either.
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