Friday, November 16, 2007


I remember when the television show section of the DVD section at Best Buy was small. They would have random episodes of shows on DVD like the best episodes of South Park or Friends. Then eventually someone out there realized that fans would want to see all of the episodes, season by season.

Then the first season of The Chappelle Show became the highest selling television show of all time. Dave Chappelle was then offered a two-year contract with Comedy Central for $50 million, which he later backed out of.

From that time, it was clear that DVD sales of television shows would be very profitable.

Usually stars and producers make the big bucks from these shows. Now with more money at stake, the writers want a piece of the DVD sales.

Should the writers get a percentage of the DVD sales? Yes. Here's why:

Comedy shows usually survive if they are funny. The jokes have to be funny to keep people watching. I do believe that the role a writer plays is important enough for them to deserve some of the spoils of the DVD sales. The writers in the entertainment industry are not given fair credit when they make shows great.

What is also noticed is the fact that this strike affects everyone who watches television shows. We get to watch these shows for free. Now we are going to miss out on some of those shows. We will go without some of our favorite shows as writers and producers and the networks negotiate.

The reason why I really side with the writers is because they have had the least leverage in negotiations . Writers in many cases can be replaced more easily than actors. Some shows would be cancelled if the stars leave them. Imagine watching Sex And The City if Sarah Jessica Parker had left the show. Actors have the most leverage, because some shows could not continue without certain characters in them. Individual writers do not have that clout.

With a collective strike, the writers finally have the clout to fight for what they deserve. I hope that they get a piece of the DVD sales and that this strike ends soon.


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