Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Prince Is A Royal Pain

Celebrities sometimes forget what it is like to be a fan. There is a major difference beween a fan stealing music and a fan making a website in praise of the celebrity.

Prince has decided to do the worst thing that he could to his fans. He is suing fans who make websites with his photos on them. Basically, he is suing the makers of the Prince fans websites.

How can you look at a website made by your fans and feel that they should be sued?

Now it is one thing if the fans are putting his actual music on the sites. I would understand him suing in that case. But if he feels that he must sue them merely for having his images on their websites, then he is really an arrogant piece of crap.

I think that this is the reason why people who sue others for stupid reasons should have to pay all the court costs. Tax dollars are going to be spent so Prince can sue fans who praise him.

People like Prince honestly don't deserve to have fans in the first place. I think that he achieved fame too young to know what it is like to be a struggling artist.

Imagine Vanilla Ice suing his fans. I think when a celebrity loses visibility, he or she would appreciate the fans more.

These fans who are being sued will probably win in court. If they do win, I hope that they take down their websites anyway. Prince doesn't deserve them as fans.


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