Thursday, November 22, 2007



I have been very critical of artists who have gone overboard in dealing with people who they think are ripping them off. I think that Prince should apologize to his fans for suing them (read "Prince Is A Royal Pain"). But sometimes the artist is right.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers made an album in 1999 called Californication. They also had a song called Californication on the album which has been played on the radio many times over the years. I am admitting that I bought the album and I like their music.

Recently, there was a show on TV called Californication. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are suing the creators of the show. The producer claimed to have heard the term in Oregon in reference to many people from California moving to their state.
I think that the Red Hot Chili Peppers will have an easy case. Californication was not a commonly used term before the album. Essentially, it is a made up word.
If I had one question to ask the producer of the show, I would ask him, "Did you ever try to search for the word Californication on a search engine?"

Even if the word or words used in a show's title were not made up, an artist can be ripped off. If a new show was called Appetite for Distruction, then someone would owe Guns 'N Roses some money.
Now what the producer of the show should do is actually give the Red Hot Chili Peppers some royalty payments for the use of the title of the show. In fact, wouldn't it make sense to actually use the song Californication as the opening theme? Everyone can win in this case if they could actually develop a partnership.
If they do not develop some sort of partnership, then the Red Hot Chili Peppers should win in court.

Friday, November 16, 2007


I remember when the television show section of the DVD section at Best Buy was small. They would have random episodes of shows on DVD like the best episodes of South Park or Friends. Then eventually someone out there realized that fans would want to see all of the episodes, season by season.

Then the first season of The Chappelle Show became the highest selling television show of all time. Dave Chappelle was then offered a two-year contract with Comedy Central for $50 million, which he later backed out of.

From that time, it was clear that DVD sales of television shows would be very profitable.

Usually stars and producers make the big bucks from these shows. Now with more money at stake, the writers want a piece of the DVD sales.

Should the writers get a percentage of the DVD sales? Yes. Here's why:

Comedy shows usually survive if they are funny. The jokes have to be funny to keep people watching. I do believe that the role a writer plays is important enough for them to deserve some of the spoils of the DVD sales. The writers in the entertainment industry are not given fair credit when they make shows great.

What is also noticed is the fact that this strike affects everyone who watches television shows. We get to watch these shows for free. Now we are going to miss out on some of those shows. We will go without some of our favorite shows as writers and producers and the networks negotiate.

The reason why I really side with the writers is because they have had the least leverage in negotiations . Writers in many cases can be replaced more easily than actors. Some shows would be cancelled if the stars leave them. Imagine watching Sex And The City if Sarah Jessica Parker had left the show. Actors have the most leverage, because some shows could not continue without certain characters in them. Individual writers do not have that clout.

With a collective strike, the writers finally have the clout to fight for what they deserve. I hope that they get a piece of the DVD sales and that this strike ends soon.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Prince Is A Royal Pain

Celebrities sometimes forget what it is like to be a fan. There is a major difference beween a fan stealing music and a fan making a website in praise of the celebrity.

Prince has decided to do the worst thing that he could to his fans. He is suing fans who make websites with his photos on them. Basically, he is suing the makers of the Prince fans websites.

How can you look at a website made by your fans and feel that they should be sued?

Now it is one thing if the fans are putting his actual music on the sites. I would understand him suing in that case. But if he feels that he must sue them merely for having his images on their websites, then he is really an arrogant piece of crap.

I think that this is the reason why people who sue others for stupid reasons should have to pay all the court costs. Tax dollars are going to be spent so Prince can sue fans who praise him.

People like Prince honestly don't deserve to have fans in the first place. I think that he achieved fame too young to know what it is like to be a struggling artist.

Imagine Vanilla Ice suing his fans. I think when a celebrity loses visibility, he or she would appreciate the fans more.

These fans who are being sued will probably win in court. If they do win, I hope that they take down their websites anyway. Prince doesn't deserve them as fans.

Monday, November 05, 2007

The End of Don Vito

It is extremely sad when you see a celebrity that you used to like ruinhis or her life. I believe that there are three crimes that can ruin alife:

1. Violent crime
2. Stealing
3. A sex crime

Let's look at all three and see which one appears to do the most damageto a career.

First, look at violent crime. How about murder? While O.J. Simpson was not convinced of murder, many people including myself, believe that he was guilty. His career was ruined by the murder trial.

2. Second, stealing. The only case that comes to mind is Winona Ryder.Most celebrities are rich enough to afford what they want, so that case does not make her seem like a threat..... unless she is in a store.

3. Third, a sex crime. This is where we look at the case of Don Vito.

Don Vito, whose real name is Vincent Margera, is the wacky uncle on Bam Margera. Don Vito was possibly the funniest person on the show “Viva La Bam”. With a bouncing double-chin and a lazy-eye, he was a fan favorite.

He was recently convicted of fondling two young girls. He may have to go to jail when he is sentenced. Whether or not he goes to jail, he will definitely have to register as a sex offender.

His career is over. He was funny on the show, but he does not deserve to be TV ever again. What he did to those little girls is sick. Sometimes even when you enjoyed seeing someone on TV, you have to ask yourself, “Do I accept what he or she does?” Many celebrities are not good people. Some make mistakes that they regret. But when a celebrity does something as disgusting as a sex crime against a child, it is time for that celebrity to fade into the past.
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