Thursday, October 11, 2007

Grow Up Pamela Anderson

I can feel bad for a woman who chooses Mr. Wrong. I cannot feel an ounce of sorrow for a woman who chooses Mr. Nightmare. Pamela Anderson has married Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. She is not the best judge of men. Oh, I didn't forget how her sex tape with Tommy Lee was stolen and became the highest selling porn tape of all time.

So now she is marrying Rick Solomon. For those who don't know who he is, you may remember that Paris Hilton had a sex tape that was leaked to the public.

Does it sound like a new sex tape will be magically stolen in the future?

What is Pamela Anderson thinking? I know that Pamela Anderson tried to stop her sex tape with Tommy Lee from being distributed. So why would she marry a guy who also leaked a sex tape against the wishes of the female participant?

Pamela Anderson is now 40 years-old. It's time for her to grow up. Stop marrying bad boys and think that you can change them.

I am convinced that Pamela Anderson is not looking for love. I think that she just wants to hang onto her youth.

I'll just say that today is October 11, 2007 and I'm already predicting a divorce.


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