Monday, October 29, 2007

Do we need a new band?

I actually hate to say this, but there is only one thing that I think is worse than musicians behaving badly. That would be musicians not making good music.
Maybe I just haven't heard enough music this year. I really feel that the best song this year is "Hey There Delilah". I think that the song "Crank That" is the most catchy song this year.
But I think that overall, this has been a really crappy year for music.
I am not going to focus on this year's crap. I also am not including the new Britney Spears album, but I will assume that it will be crap too.
Remember when a band came out and grabbed everyone's attention? Guns 'N Roses in 1988 or Nirvana in 1991 are the two bands that I can think of.
We have had fewer good bands and too many individual artists who have a lot of their music written for them.
Now we have a very disappointing year of music. Too many people who want to be famous and not enough people with the talent to make music worth listening to.
Style over substance has now come back to haunt us when the focus on style has left us without enough good music.
I hate to also say this, but the real attention is actually going to older bands that are reuniting. I love the fact that bands like The Police and Genesis has reunited. Old news is good news when the new bands are not making any news.


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