Monday, September 24, 2007

Britney's Hit and Run

Britney Spears has been charged with hitting a car and leaving the scene without reporting the accident.

Notice that the first four words in the paragraph were "Britney Spears has been". She should be glad that those words were not the title of this article. (That may come in the future.) Unfortunately, this is actually very sad.

Britney Spears probably has at least $50 million and can afford whatever she needs. It must be nice to be able to be 25 years-old and never to have to work again. The car that was hit belonged to a 59 year-old nurse.

Okay we have a 25 years-old multi-millionaire who skipped out on damage caused to the car of a woman who is 59 year-old and probably still has to work.

The financial cost of a car accident is pocket change to Britney. I do not know what the nurse's financial situation is, but I would guess that the nurse would still miss that money way more than Britney ever would.

I absolutely hate the thought of a millionaire ripping of someone who has to work. That is why I am actually happy that Britney is being charged for hit and run.

She now may go to jail. I honestly do not think that she has hit rock bottom yet. Before, I thought that rehab would help her. Now I think that she needs to go to jail.

I now think that Kevin Federline should get full custody of the children. She has done too many crazy things in the last year that I think that she could be a danger to the safety of her children.

Of the four notorious bad girls of Hollywood (Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears), she is the only one who has not been sentenced to jail. But she is also the only one of them who already has children. I must note that Nicole Richie is pregnant. Britney Spears does not just have herself to live for. She has children who someday will learn about everything that she did in the last year.

But those children could be at risk if they stay with her. She is a walking, talking, and often lip syncing train wreck who is a risk to herself and others.

When she has to go to court over her hit and run charge, I doubt that many people on the jury will be able to identify with a millionaire who leaves a nurse with a damaged car.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Britney Bombed

Britney Spears make her "comback performance" a complete failure at the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this week.
I want to say that the comments of her weight were unfair. I did not think that she looked fat. I think she did not look as good as previous years, but people were overcritical about her appearance.
That said, it's time to talk about why her performance was absolutely horrible. In her "comback performance", it looked like she was lip syncing.
Britney, if you wanted to make a comback, why would you go on stage and not even sing?
I'm going to say this..... Musicians are not actors. Therefore, they should stop pretending to sing. If you cannot dance and sing, then don't dance.
You're a singer, so grow up and sing!
You won't get a second chance to make a comback. You blew it. If you really want a comeback though, stop lip syncing so people may eventually change their minds about you.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Vanessa Hudgens Exposed

Sometimes you have to look at a star for his or her role in the entertainment industry. When an actress sticks with innocent roles in kid movies, she needs to realize that her job is to keep a wholesome image. I'm not saying that she needs to remain innocent, but to keep that image in public.
Vanessa Hudgens has confirmed that nude photos of her online are indeed photos of her. With that said, I think that Disney should not hire her for the planned film High School Musical 3. I have not seen the other High School Musical films and have no interest in part three, but Vanessa Hudgens has already caused problems for parents who will have to explain to their children why Vanessa took nude pictures.
This is not about whether Vanessa Hudgens is a virgin or not. It is about the fact that her innocent image is gone. I think that it is safe to guess that Lindsay Lohan lost her virginity before she starred in Herbie Fully Loaded, but she did not do anything yet to ruin her image. We could only speculate on her private life. Now that Lindsay is a complete disaster, it makes sense that she is no longer a star in Disney films.
Vanessa Hudgens is no longer publicly innocent. She should still do acting, but its time to give Disney a rest.
If you disagree with me, let me remind you of Paul Reubens, who is NOT related to me. He played Pee-Wee Herman. Kids loved him, but the actor got into trouble for exposing himself in a porn theater in 1991. His career ended.
If Vanessa Hudgens stars in High School Musical 3, then Disney is betting on not enough people caring about her photos. That will be their decision. Maybe her role is too important for the film.
It's time to move on. Vanessa, you posed for naked photos. You're way too controversial for Disney.
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