Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lindsay Lohan DUI Again

Some people fall and get back up again. In Lindsay Lohan’s case, she fell and dug a hole to allow herself to fall even lower. I don’t care that she’s a drunk. I felt bad for David Hasselhoff when he was drunk in a video. The reason why I feel anger in regards to Lindsay Lohan is because she’s drunk and on the road.

After her first DUI, she checked into rehab. The day she got out of rehab, she went to a club. She claimed that she would just drink Red Bull and water, but the problem is that she’s an alcoholic who returned to the bar.

This is like a fat person getting out of fat camp and going to the all-you-can-eat buffet just to have salad. Lindsay Lohan should have tried to avoid the clubs because they are where the drugs and booze flow like water. Lindsay Lohan was drinking at the clubs BEFORE she turned 21. Unlike a random college student, we know who she is and how old she is. She is now 21 and legally allowed to go to clubs to drink. But she went to rehab and if she wanted to get better, she would have avoided the clubs.

Let’s face it, Lindsay Lohan deserves to go to jail. I don’t fault her for being an alcoholic, but having just been charged for a DUI, she should have had someone else drive for her. She’s rich and she can afford a driver. Even better, how many young people wouldn’t mind driving her around for free? I think she could have easily found a fan to drive her.

She is right now a danger to society. When she was arrested recently, the police found cocaine in her pocket. When she goes to court, she will have difficulty explaining how it got there. I believe the fact that she is a repeat offender means that she needs to be removed from public before she kills someone.

I think that she needs to hit that rock bottom to get better. She hasn’t done it yet. She is instead continuing to live a hard lifestyle that could kill her, someone in her car, or someone she hits on the road. No amount of money or fame would excuse her if she killed someone. She’s risky the lives of others and that’s just wrong.

I don’t want to sound too hard on her, but if she had one DUI and changed, then I would not want automatic jail time. While she would have risked the lives of others, if she had changed in rehab, then I would have felt that she had turned the corner. But to do this twice in two months, she’s now a full-blown danger to society. If you relapse and don’t drive, it’s your own life at risk. If you relapse and drive, it’s my life that you are risking.

By the way, when she left rehab, she voluntarily wore an alcohol detecting ankle bracelet and showed it off. She wanted people to know that she was wearing it. She would even sunbathe wearing it so people would notice that she has it on. Why didn’t it actually work that night? If it worked and detected that she was drinking, who was it supposed to notify?

I think that jail time will make Lindsay Lohan sober. It worked for Robert Downey, Jr.


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