Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Isaiah May Be Innocent

I have to consider that I may have been wrong. In the case that I am wrong, I apologize. I saw Isaiah Washington on Larry King talk about the incident in which he used the f-word about gays. Initially I thought that he was talking about J.R. Knight, the co-star of Grey’s Anatomy. It now appears that was not the case.

Guilty people try to avoid the issues that plague them. Innocent people try to clarify misconceptions. It appears that Isaiah Washington did use that word when arguing with Patrick Dempsey, but in regards to Washington himself. It appears that Isaiah Washington was told to not discuss the issue further, which actually caused more people to believe that he was homophobic. J.R. Knight spoke out on Ellen Degeneres’ show and said that Washington referred to him that way.

Here are the big problems that I have:

1. Isaiah Washington was not allowed to speak out.
2. J.R. Knight was allowed to speak out.
3. Patrick Dempsey is not speaking out.

What I want to hear is complete clarification. Now that Isaiah Washington has been fired from Grey’s Anatomy, he is speaking out. He went on Larry King for an hour to explain everything. He explained how executives of the show did not let he speak out to clarify what had happened. This made people like me believe that Mr. Washington was homophobic. It also turned Isaiah Washington into a villain. He could not stay on the show as long as people think that he hates gay people.

I do have a problem with the fact that Isaiah Washington said the f-word. Not to exactly quote, he said something along the lines of him not wanting to be treated like an n-word or an f-word.

If he said it that way, he is still wrong, but probably does not have hatred of gays. I cannot judge a person’s heart, but I think the fact that he actually wanted to speak out and clarify things means that he has nothing to hide. I think that he made a mistake for saying the f-word, but I don’t think that he hates gay people.

I believe that Patrick Dempsey probably has a gag-order by the show’s executives not to speak about the incident. If what Isaiah Washington said is true, then I can accept that he is not homophobic.

Compare this to Mel Gibson. When Mel Gibson was arrested, he said things that were against the Jewish people personally. He said that the Jewish people were the reason for all of the wars in the world. I do believe that Mel Gibson hates Jews. Basically, I’m done with Mel.

Unfortunately I don’t believe that we will get the clarification from Patrick Dempsey. I believe that what Isaiah Washington was being completely honest on Larry King. I could have removed the previous article that I wrote about Isaiah Washington, but a retraction is better. I want them to read this. I believe that I was wrong about Isaiah Washington. I'm sorry.


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