Sunday, July 01, 2007

Comeback, So What?

Sometimes a group’s comeback means something. David Lee Roth reuniting with Van Halen in 2007 is important. The Police reuniting is important. Genesis reuniting is important. What those groups had in common was the fact that they broke up while being successful. Many people feel that Van Halen is truly the best group that had two different singers. Honestly I think that they should tour with both David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar. The Police’s last album was up for the Grammy for Album of the Year for 1983. Genesis made the mistake of hiring an unknown singer after Phil Collins left the band in the late 1990s. That was a huge mistake and the album with that singer flopped.

These are groups that can bring real excitement by reuniting and hopefully making new albums. Sometimes a group falls apart when a member of the group dies. That is understandable. What upsets me is when I see a great group break up over differences between the band members. The Beatles broke up a whole decade before the death of John Lennon.

While the breakup of the groups listed above are tragic, some breakups should not reunite. Some groups really suck and had their day in the sun. They have dried out and need to stay away from the microphone.

This week two groups announced that they are reuniting. The first group got all the attention. They are the Spice Girls. The second group was overshadowed. They are the Verve.

But let’s begin with the Spice Girls. They were probably the most popular girl band since the Bangles. But the Spice Girls developed a bad reputation from the get-go. They started out as a fun group of girls who couldn’t play instruments who went south faster than Britney Spears after she married Kevin Federline. A few of them got pregnant out of wedlock and people questioned their ability to be role models to little girls. Oh and don’t forget the film Spiceworld which critics panned.

When a group breaks up over creative differences, I understand. I don’t think that the Spice Girls had any creativity in their heads to have differences. Eventually one of them had to feel that she was too good for the group. Ginger Spice left and went solo while the other Spice Girls put out a new album. None of the Spice Girls had any significant success as a solo artist. The only one who had any success was Victoria (Posh Spice) in marrying soccer legend David Beckham. I can’t forget that he also cheated on her with the nanny. But as solo stars, the Spice Girls proved that they could not succeed as solo stars.

When you are just a singer and have no ability to actually write music, you better find someone good enough to write it for you. That wasn’t the case with girls from a girl band who were known by nicknames.

After years of non-successful careers as solo artists, they want to do what they did a decade. They want to make money again. But the only thing worse than a has-been artist is a has been girl or boy band. Now the Spice Girls are in their 30s. Their former fans are now adults who won’t want to be associated with them. Oh by the way, Scary Spice followed in the footsteps and had a kid out of wedlock with Eddie Murphy. Hopefully that kid will inherit some talent from Dad.

It has to really suck for the Verve. They announced that they were reuniting this same week. They were the worst one-hit wonder ever, because they even lost the royalties on that one-hit wonder. The song was Bittersweet Symphony, which sampled music from the Rolling Stones without permission. How can anyone be excited for this band who couldn’t even write their one-hit wonder without stealing the music? They could possibly be the second worst band to reunite this week. That hurts.

Let the talent of the Police, Van Halen, and Genesis rise again. They could write their own music and were very successful based on real talent. The Spice Girls and the Verve can hope for the best, but they truly suck. I just really hope that we don’t see Spiceworld 2 in the works.


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