Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lindsay Lohan DUI Again

Some people fall and get back up again. In Lindsay Lohan’s case, she fell and dug a hole to allow herself to fall even lower. I don’t care that she’s a drunk. I felt bad for David Hasselhoff when he was drunk in a video. The reason why I feel anger in regards to Lindsay Lohan is because she’s drunk and on the road.

After her first DUI, she checked into rehab. The day she got out of rehab, she went to a club. She claimed that she would just drink Red Bull and water, but the problem is that she’s an alcoholic who returned to the bar.

This is like a fat person getting out of fat camp and going to the all-you-can-eat buffet just to have salad. Lindsay Lohan should have tried to avoid the clubs because they are where the drugs and booze flow like water. Lindsay Lohan was drinking at the clubs BEFORE she turned 21. Unlike a random college student, we know who she is and how old she is. She is now 21 and legally allowed to go to clubs to drink. But she went to rehab and if she wanted to get better, she would have avoided the clubs.

Let’s face it, Lindsay Lohan deserves to go to jail. I don’t fault her for being an alcoholic, but having just been charged for a DUI, she should have had someone else drive for her. She’s rich and she can afford a driver. Even better, how many young people wouldn’t mind driving her around for free? I think she could have easily found a fan to drive her.

She is right now a danger to society. When she was arrested recently, the police found cocaine in her pocket. When she goes to court, she will have difficulty explaining how it got there. I believe the fact that she is a repeat offender means that she needs to be removed from public before she kills someone.

I think that she needs to hit that rock bottom to get better. She hasn’t done it yet. She is instead continuing to live a hard lifestyle that could kill her, someone in her car, or someone she hits on the road. No amount of money or fame would excuse her if she killed someone. She’s risky the lives of others and that’s just wrong.

I don’t want to sound too hard on her, but if she had one DUI and changed, then I would not want automatic jail time. While she would have risked the lives of others, if she had changed in rehab, then I would have felt that she had turned the corner. But to do this twice in two months, she’s now a full-blown danger to society. If you relapse and don’t drive, it’s your own life at risk. If you relapse and drive, it’s my life that you are risking.

By the way, when she left rehab, she voluntarily wore an alcohol detecting ankle bracelet and showed it off. She wanted people to know that she was wearing it. She would even sunbathe wearing it so people would notice that she has it on. Why didn’t it actually work that night? If it worked and detected that she was drinking, who was it supposed to notify?

I think that jail time will make Lindsay Lohan sober. It worked for Robert Downey, Jr.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Drew Carey on The Price Is Right

Sometimes producers make the right decision. Drew Carey has been chosen to replace Bob Barker on The Price is Right.

The reason why this is such a great decision is because the producers chose someone who would not be controversial. Had they chosen Rosie O’Donnell, they would have had some controversy and could have lost viewers.

When I think of Drew Carey, I ask myself, “What has he ever said that offended people?” I honestly cannot think of one controversy involving him. Drew Carey is a safe choice to replace Bob Barker and he can add some comedy to the show. Comedians can make great hosts if they know when to add a great joke. Bob Barker has been the face of The Price is Right for decades. While Bob Barker is not a comedian, he became an icon on the show. For people to watch the show in 2006, they could see the same guy who hosted it when they watched the show years ago. In a way, Bob Barker was a familiar face who we could return to. I remember him when I was a young child. It’s good to return to a show and see the person who hosted it years ago.

Drew Carey adds something new to the show. He adds the touch of comedy that can grab new audience members. My only question is this. How long does Drew Carey plan to host the show? Drew Carey could be on the show for years, or just briefly until he takes another job. I do not know what he wants for his own future, but I hope that he takes the job for a number of years. For The Price is Right to stay on the air, it will need a host who becomes the new face of the show. If the show becomes a revolving door for hosts, then it could end.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Isaiah May Be Innocent

I have to consider that I may have been wrong. In the case that I am wrong, I apologize. I saw Isaiah Washington on Larry King talk about the incident in which he used the f-word about gays. Initially I thought that he was talking about J.R. Knight, the co-star of Grey’s Anatomy. It now appears that was not the case.

Guilty people try to avoid the issues that plague them. Innocent people try to clarify misconceptions. It appears that Isaiah Washington did use that word when arguing with Patrick Dempsey, but in regards to Washington himself. It appears that Isaiah Washington was told to not discuss the issue further, which actually caused more people to believe that he was homophobic. J.R. Knight spoke out on Ellen Degeneres’ show and said that Washington referred to him that way.

Here are the big problems that I have:

1. Isaiah Washington was not allowed to speak out.
2. J.R. Knight was allowed to speak out.
3. Patrick Dempsey is not speaking out.

What I want to hear is complete clarification. Now that Isaiah Washington has been fired from Grey’s Anatomy, he is speaking out. He went on Larry King for an hour to explain everything. He explained how executives of the show did not let he speak out to clarify what had happened. This made people like me believe that Mr. Washington was homophobic. It also turned Isaiah Washington into a villain. He could not stay on the show as long as people think that he hates gay people.

I do have a problem with the fact that Isaiah Washington said the f-word. Not to exactly quote, he said something along the lines of him not wanting to be treated like an n-word or an f-word.

If he said it that way, he is still wrong, but probably does not have hatred of gays. I cannot judge a person’s heart, but I think the fact that he actually wanted to speak out and clarify things means that he has nothing to hide. I think that he made a mistake for saying the f-word, but I don’t think that he hates gay people.

I believe that Patrick Dempsey probably has a gag-order by the show’s executives not to speak about the incident. If what Isaiah Washington said is true, then I can accept that he is not homophobic.

Compare this to Mel Gibson. When Mel Gibson was arrested, he said things that were against the Jewish people personally. He said that the Jewish people were the reason for all of the wars in the world. I do believe that Mel Gibson hates Jews. Basically, I’m done with Mel.

Unfortunately I don’t believe that we will get the clarification from Patrick Dempsey. I believe that what Isaiah Washington was being completely honest on Larry King. I could have removed the previous article that I wrote about Isaiah Washington, but a retraction is better. I want them to read this. I believe that I was wrong about Isaiah Washington. I'm sorry.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Comeback, So What?

Sometimes a group’s comeback means something. David Lee Roth reuniting with Van Halen in 2007 is important. The Police reuniting is important. Genesis reuniting is important. What those groups had in common was the fact that they broke up while being successful. Many people feel that Van Halen is truly the best group that had two different singers. Honestly I think that they should tour with both David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar. The Police’s last album was up for the Grammy for Album of the Year for 1983. Genesis made the mistake of hiring an unknown singer after Phil Collins left the band in the late 1990s. That was a huge mistake and the album with that singer flopped.

These are groups that can bring real excitement by reuniting and hopefully making new albums. Sometimes a group falls apart when a member of the group dies. That is understandable. What upsets me is when I see a great group break up over differences between the band members. The Beatles broke up a whole decade before the death of John Lennon.

While the breakup of the groups listed above are tragic, some breakups should not reunite. Some groups really suck and had their day in the sun. They have dried out and need to stay away from the microphone.

This week two groups announced that they are reuniting. The first group got all the attention. They are the Spice Girls. The second group was overshadowed. They are the Verve.

But let’s begin with the Spice Girls. They were probably the most popular girl band since the Bangles. But the Spice Girls developed a bad reputation from the get-go. They started out as a fun group of girls who couldn’t play instruments who went south faster than Britney Spears after she married Kevin Federline. A few of them got pregnant out of wedlock and people questioned their ability to be role models to little girls. Oh and don’t forget the film Spiceworld which critics panned.

When a group breaks up over creative differences, I understand. I don’t think that the Spice Girls had any creativity in their heads to have differences. Eventually one of them had to feel that she was too good for the group. Ginger Spice left and went solo while the other Spice Girls put out a new album. None of the Spice Girls had any significant success as a solo artist. The only one who had any success was Victoria (Posh Spice) in marrying soccer legend David Beckham. I can’t forget that he also cheated on her with the nanny. But as solo stars, the Spice Girls proved that they could not succeed as solo stars.

When you are just a singer and have no ability to actually write music, you better find someone good enough to write it for you. That wasn’t the case with girls from a girl band who were known by nicknames.

After years of non-successful careers as solo artists, they want to do what they did a decade. They want to make money again. But the only thing worse than a has-been artist is a has been girl or boy band. Now the Spice Girls are in their 30s. Their former fans are now adults who won’t want to be associated with them. Oh by the way, Scary Spice followed in the footsteps and had a kid out of wedlock with Eddie Murphy. Hopefully that kid will inherit some talent from Dad.

It has to really suck for the Verve. They announced that they were reuniting this same week. They were the worst one-hit wonder ever, because they even lost the royalties on that one-hit wonder. The song was Bittersweet Symphony, which sampled music from the Rolling Stones without permission. How can anyone be excited for this band who couldn’t even write their one-hit wonder without stealing the music? They could possibly be the second worst band to reunite this week. That hurts.

Let the talent of the Police, Van Halen, and Genesis rise again. They could write their own music and were very successful based on real talent. The Spice Girls and the Verve can hope for the best, but they truly suck. I just really hope that we don’t see Spiceworld 2 in the works.
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