Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Price Is Wrong For Rosie

Rosie O’Donnell has decided not to pursue the job as host of The Price Is Right because she would have to move to LA. She currently lives in New York.

This is good news. While Bob Barker cannot be easily replaced as the host, the producers must find a new host if they want to continue the successful show. To find a host that can fit on the show, the producers should look for someone who will not cause controversy. Rosie O’Donnell is not that person.

Rosie O’Donnell is controversial because of her very strong political confrontations with Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View. There are a lot of people who absolutely hate Rosie. This is probably not merely because of her liberal views, but her aggressive debating style. While I lean to the left, there are people on the right who I like. I would say that I like a number of both liberal and conservative pundits who I feel are at least trying to be honest about the issues. I would compare Rosie to Ann Coulter, who brings more division than discussion.

But unlike Ann Coulter, Rosie I feel is more frustrated with what she sees in the media. I feel that Ann Coulter is filling a role as unwavering water-carrier for her party. Eventually, people have to realize when things are not going well. This gives Rosie a little more credibility than Ann Coulter.

Saying that, if Rosie became the host of The Price Is Right, then many people who don’t like her will not watch the show. I don’t think I would watch the show if it was hosted by Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, or Rush Limbaugh. Agree or disagree with Rosie, she is a divider.

I truly feel that Rosie being on The Price Is Right would have been a mistake for an even bigger reason than ratings. That reason is the fact that she should be on some show in which she will discuss politics. I think that she would waste time on a show in which she does not give her opinions. I have known Bob Barker since I saw his show as a little child. I do not know if he is a Republican or a Democrat. I do not know what his views are on the Iraq War. The only view that I know he holds is that pets should be sterilized.

Rosie needs a political show or a show like The View in which she can express her opinions. Being on The Price Is Right would not be the best move for her. If Rosie starts or joins a show in which she discusses politics, I feel that it would do well. I think if she and Ann Coulter had a show it would be a hit.


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