Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lil' Bush

I want to begin by saying that if you are the President of the United States, you will be made fun of. To run for president is to make a choice. No one is forced to become president. If something happened to both the President and the Vice President at the same time, the Speaker of the House could become the President without choosing to obtain that position. If someone runs for Vice President, they are preparing to replace the President if anything happens to him or her.

Realizing that people choose to become the President, satire will follow. Bill Clinton was made fun off during his entire time in office, especially for his marital infidelity. President Bush has been made fun of for the confused manner in which he speaks and for his assumed lack of intelligence.

After President Bush entered office, Comedy Central had a show on called That’s My Bush, which felt more like a spoof of The Honeymooners. It only lasted a year. Following 9/11, it did not feel like an appropriate time to spoof President Bush. That’s My Bush was not renewed.

Years later, with an unpopular war in Iraq and many scandals that face the Bush Administration, the time for satire seems appropriate. Currently President Bush’s approval ratings are in the low 30s. He is an unpopular president. The more people dislike him, the easier it is to find an audience for Lil’ Bush.

Lil’ Bush originated as three small episodes on AMP’D Mobile. They portray President Bush as a child in elementary school. His father, President George H. W. Bush, is the current president. In the show, Lil’ Bush spends time with his friends Lil’ Cheney, Lil’ Condi, and Lil’ Rummy. Lil’ Condi has a crush on Lil’ Bush, but he prefers to pursue Lil’ Laura.

The best character on the show has to be Lil’ Cheney, who is ruthless and violent. For lunch, he would take a live chicken, rip off its head and drink the blood from the body. This is comical and obviously not realistic. He would also say very few words in English, and mainly say “Ra ra ra.” Some real words would be mixed in, like, “Ra ra ra, October Surprise!” His character is based on the view that Dick Cheney is tough and angry.

Not all of the characters spoofed are based on real situations. Lil’ Jeb, based on Governor Jeb Bush, is portrayed as a retarded Frankenstein monster. On the AMP’D Mobile cartoon, he rides the short bus. In reality, Governor Jeb Bush appears to be more polished and intelligent than his brother. The character of Lil’ Jeb has no basis on his real personality. The only real spoof of him was when Barbara Bush told Lil’ Bush that he may need his brother to rig an election someday.

Lil’ Bush does not just portray Republicans in a bad light. The show has Lil’ Clinton cheating on Lil’ Hillary with the Lewinsky twins. Also, Lil’ Hillary works at the abortion clinic for fun. I think that the Clintons would be very insulted by their portrayal in the cartoon. If it only made fun of Republicans, that would be one thing, but seeing that it makes fun of Democrats too is fair.

Why does it make fun of more Republicans? The main reason is that they have been in power. Now that we have a Democratic House and Senate, I would not be surprised to see Lil’ Nancy (Pelosi) or Lil’ Harry (Reid) in future episodes. In fact, I hope that the show makes fun of all politicians who do things to get themselves in trouble. I want to see Lil’ William Jefferson with money hidden in his freezer or Lil’ John Kerry wearing flip flops.

The show is a great political satire because it bases many of the jokes and events on real life situations. I think that the show will be on the air until we have a new president. By the time that President George W. Bush leaves office, spoofing him may not be as relevant. In the meantime, it’s very relevant and a funny show to watch. The most important thing about comedy is that the jokes must remain the most important thing about the show. So far, the Bush Administration has given the creators of Lil’ Bush a lot to satire. I hope that the creators of Lil’ Bush will stay the course.


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