Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rosie vs. Elisabeth

Two years ago, who was talking about The View? With the loss of Meredith Vierra and the firing of Star Jones, it looked like The View was on its last legs. In comes Rosie O’Donnell. While I am a Democrat, I can admit that she is a very polarizing figure on television. She gets people talking with her anger over the handling of the Iraq War. I do not agree with her on every issue. I do not believe that 9/11 was an inside job. But like many Democrats, I do agree that going to Iraq was a stupid decision that has caused more damage than good to the American reputation around the world.

I do also believe that while Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a conservative, she has done a poor job defending the positions that she holds.

I feel that looking at the arguments between Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck is representative of America being deeply divided and frustrated over the war. Frustrated and angry Democrats on one side and Republicans forced to defend an unpopular war on the other side. I can’t say which side is more upset. It’s hard as a Democrat who has to wait until after the 2008 election to see an end to a war that they feel should be ended now. It is also hard for Republicans to see a war started by a Republican president so hated. It’s hard to defend the Iraq War for Republicans because it has not gone well at all.

I watched the fight between Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck and in this fight, Elisabeth was standing up for herself. The problem is that she was doing one thing that I disagreed with, not answering a question. Rosie has been accused of implying that the troops are terrorists. Rosie denies this. The problem is that when Rosie asked Elisabeth whether or not Elisabeth thinks that Rosie thinks that the troops are terrorists, Elisabeth wouldn’t answer.

For not answering the question, Rosie called Elisabeth a coward. I think what stood out to me is that Elisabeth realized that she could really make Rosie angry by not answering certain questions. I think that Elisabeth should have answered the question and let them move on. By her not answering the question, Rosie is assuming that maybe Elisabeth may feel that she (Rosie) thinks that the troops are terrorists.

On the other side, why should Rosie argue with Elisabeth and expect that Elisabeth defend Rosie? Rosie and Elisabeth take opposite sides and argue constantly. The show was not as political before Rosie joined the show. Rosie has done a great job arguing with Elisabeth because she’s making Elisabeth have to defend her beliefs. On the same hand, with Elisabeth always on the defensive for herself and for Bush, she shouldn’t have to be defending Rosie as well.

No one can deny is that the Iraq War has divided America deeply and wars should not divide nations. The war in Afghanistan did not divide our nation. I’m going to go out on a limb and say what needs to be said, that Rosie and Elisabeth arguing over the war was an excellent thing.

Rosie O’Donnell has asked for and was granted permission to leave The View three weeks prior to the end of her contract. Like her or hate her, it is better that the women on The View were discussing the Iraq War instead of trivial issues.
I have a feeling that Rosie will get a new show, and that it will be very political. I just hope that she has conservatives on it as well to have true debate and discussion. Shows with only one side preaching to the choir are never as fun as shows with both sides. If her show has her discussing these issues with people who disagree with her, then I think it will be an excellent show.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Leaking Family Problems

I want to begin by saying that I am not defending Alec Baldwin or David Hasselhoff. Both men got into some trouble recently because private interactions with their children were leaked to the press. In the case of Alec Baldwin, he called his daughter some awful things. In the case of David Hasselhoff, he was on the floor completely drunk eating a burger off of the floor.

Both men have big problems. I would like to begin with Alec Baldwin. He has had an extremely messy divorce from Kim Basinger. With a young daughter and joint custody, they both have to have contact with each other. Recently Alec was upset with his daughter because she did not answer her cell phone at the planned time for them both to speak. He left a message in which he called her a “rude, little pig.” This was his 11 year-old daughter. The message was leaked to the press and he went on the defensive. He even went on The View to discuss this.

The problem is that Alec Baldwin has an anger management problem. What makes it worse is that he was so cruel to his young daughter. She is not even a teenager. Being young and female, comments like that can lead to girls developing eating disorders. I think it’s safe to say that Alec needs help. He needs anger management training. Alec cannot mend his relationship with his ex-wife, but he needs help if he plans to be in his daughter’s life.

What upsets me though is that it is obvious that Kim Basinger leaked the phone conversation. She will be having custody hearings with a judge and this phone conversation should have been only given to the judge to listen to in horror. Now that it was leaked to the press, the judge has been put into a difficult situation. There will be public pressure to give full custody to Kim Basinger from the outcry over the phone message. At the same time, Kim Basinger did something as awful. She put her daughter into the national spotlight over this. It must be hard for a child to go to school having famous parents, but imagine what it must be like with the entire school knowing about what her father called her. When children deal with problems with parents, they don’t want all of their friends to hear the family dirt.

It is important for problems like this to be resolved in family court. The judge deserved to hear the phone message. Alec Baldwin deserved to be embarrassed in court. His daughter deserved better treatment. But most important, his daughter did not deserve to have her classmates and friends know about it.

In the case of David Hasselhoff, I feel differently. I feel that it is good that the clip was leaked because it could save his life. I feel that his daughter taped her interaction with him as a wakeup call. She doesn’t want her father to lose his job and to be around her while drinking.

When I think of the celebrities with alcohol problems, I feel sorry for very few of them. The one who I pity the least is Mel Gibson. Mel Gibson showed the world what so many people had already assumed, that he hates Jews. When I think of Paris Hilton going to jail, I feel that she’s finally going to pay for her life of bad behavior. But when I think of David Hasselhoff, I see someone in trouble who hasn’t hurt others. I want him to get better. I don’t look down on him in shame the way I do on Mel Gibson or Paris Hilton. Instead, I see this as an opportunity for David to get the help that he needs.

Sometimes leaking family problems can only make the problems worse, like in the case of Alec Baldwin. Kim Basinger may have caused her daughter more pain than Alec did with his phone message. I feel that leaking that message may have also been done to hurt his acting career. It will be hard for the judge who now has to decide which parent is the better one. Sometimes leaking family problems can save a life. When I think of the many celebrities who died of drugs or alcohol, I wish that something could have prevented it from happening. I believe that David Hasselhoff will get the treatment that he needs. If that tape was not leaked, then in a few years he could have died. I really hope that he gets better.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Paris Hilton Going To Jail

Do not pass “Go.” Do not collect $200. Do not say, “That’s hot!”

Sometimes a celebrity is just asking for it. It’s one thing for her to get arrested for DUI. Luckily she didn’t hit anyone when she was driving drunk. But the fact that she was driving on a suspended license shows that she has not been humbled by any of the mistakes in her life.

Sometimes celebrities will self-destruct until they hurt themselves or someone else. So the only thing that Paris Hilton has hurt is the reputation of her and her family. I do not know what the wealth is like of the Hilton family, but I can imagine that Paris’ parents are embarrassed by her actions.

A judge ruled that Paris Hilton will have to go to jail for 45 days for a parole violation. Her license was suspended because of her DUI conviction. She is claiming ignorance, stating that she didn’t know that her license was suspended. What surprises me is that with her wealth and ability to hire a high-priced attorney, I would assume that she would clearly be informed of her suspended license. Since she signed paperwork indicating that her license would be suspended, she cannot claim ignorance.

Some people may feel that the judge is trying to make an example of Paris. Maybe that would be a good thing. This past year has been filled with multiple celebrity arrests for drunk driving. Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Eve, Haley Joel Osment, and can we ever forget Mel Gibson? I feel that getting a DUI has become too common for celebrities who have been known to party too hard and live destructive lives. Most of the celebrities I have mentioned could easily afford a driver. Maybe not Haley Joel Osment, considering that his career has bombed since he starred in The Sixth Sense.

Paris Hilton has not hit rock bottom yet. Her porn video did not give her the wakeup call that she needed. She’s an embarrassment to her family. I actually believe that going to jail will give her the wakeup call that she needs more than any celebrity that I can name. Hollywood is filled with people with bad reputations and Paris Hilton has one of the worst ones.

Going to jail is not just what Paris deserves, but truly what she needs. I think that she could end up a better person after serving her sentence.
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