Monday, April 30, 2007

Rosie O’Donnell Gone

Like her or hate her, Rosie O’Donnell brought controversy and high ratings to The View. She had strong political opinions and would constantly argue with Elisabeth Hasselback, the conservative on the show. She also started a big feud with Donald Trump which left Barbara Walters, who was friends with Donald Trump, in the middle.

Was Rosie fired or did she quit? I am truly not sure. When Star Jones was fired, they tried to pretend that she was quitting the show, but then she was abruptly told to leave and the audience was informed that she was terminated. To allow a fired host to say that she is quitting is acceptable to preserve the host’s chance of gaining new employment. Like Star Jones, Rosie may have been allowed to pretend that she was quitting the show instead of admitting that her contract was not renewed.

But there is a strong chance that she truly did quit the show. Rosie brought hire ratings to The View. I believe that she can get her own show and continue to be very political. Unlike most of the other people on The View, Rosie was getting national attention for her comments.

I think that the only problem now with her getting her own show is the possibility that she won’t have the ability to be as political if she has no one to argue with. Rosie and Elizabeth Hasselback were like Hannity & Colmes. The difference being that Rosie was a strong liberal and Elizabeth was a pushover conservative. This is a reversal of the roles on Hannity & Colmes, which has a strong conservative and a pushover liberal.

If Rosie wants to do well, then she should turn her show into more of the style of The Daily Show for women. She’s more political than she was prior to being on The View. Just like Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, she could have people on the show who she disagrees with. If Sean Hannity was a guest on her show, that would be entertaining.


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