Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Justin Timberlake: Someone say hypocrite?

So it appears that Justin Timberlake is fed up with gossip magazines. "I despise what they do," Timberlake told Details magazine. "They create soap operas out of people's lives. It's a spin game, and I choose not to talke part in it."

That would seem very valid if it came from John Mayer, but not from Justin. The guy has created his own soap operas. First, he made his video "Cry Me a River" about his ex-girlfriend, Britney Spears. That clearly was meant to use his relationship and rumors of her infidelity for his video. That was not done by the tabloids.

And who can forget when he exposed Janet Jackson's breast in front of millions of people during the Superbowl a few years ago?

Some celebrities try to live private lives as best as they can. I do not have a problem with celebrities dating other celebrities because celebrities like John Mayer has tried to keep quiet about it. But Justin Timberlake has no one to blame for his gossip but himself.

Be open about your personal life or be private about it. It's your choice. But don't be open about your personal drama and then blame the tabloids. That's hypocritical.


Blogger JTsPriNceSs xOo said...

Hey Michael!! I just read your article about Justin Timberlake and I definitely understand where you're coming from in saying he may create his own soap operas in tabloids; However, the thing about Justin is, no matter what he does in life people will alwayssss be talking, and he knows that--so why not give them something to talk about? I know that the Cry Me a River video was geared toured Britney, and even though I'm a very big fan of her, she deserved that animosity towards her (for cheating on him). As for the Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction," the truth was he was supposed to take off some of it, that was the intention, but the entire thing accidentally fell off..they were on Oprah talking about it. Justin's only putting the truth about his life out there, not the crazyyyy rumors that tabloid's create! What he means is, he's only doing what he wants with his life, and he's great at it- when people turn and twist the truth around, it only creates rumors and controversy. He knows people are going to talk, but tabloids create the most OUTRAGEOUS stories. He's not perfect, and I really think tabloids neeeed to back off a bit. He's a celebrity, and rumors come with that which I'm sure he's aware of; however, he shouldn't stop expressing himself through his music just because tabloids thrive on every move he makes--that expression is exactly what got him to where he is today. He earned respect<3

Thank you!!
xoxo Gabriella

1:52 PM  

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