Sunday, April 15, 2007

Don Imus Gone

Is Don Imus a racist?

There are two kinds of offensive racist comments that celebrities have made. The first kind is clear racism. When Mel Gibson yelled comments about Jews and when Michael Richards called someone in the audience the n-word, both Gibson and Richards clearly entered racist territory. I would call either man a racist without question. Then there are people who say things that could be considered racist. The second kind is a potential racism. When George Allen called a UVA student a macaca and when Don Imus called the women on the Rutgers basketball team nappy-headed hoes, both men said things that would make people assume that they could be racists.

While I cannot prove to anyone whether Don Imus is definitely a racist or not, he is a bully who picked on young women who just lost the college basketball championship. He rubbed salt on their wounds. More importantly, they did nothing to warrant those comments.

I think that Don Imus being fired by CBS and MSNBC is not a bad thing, because I think that he’s a cruel person. I think that when Don Imus went on the Al Sharpton’s radio show and said “you people”, he clearly showed that he doesn’t understand how to talk to black people.

I’ll be honest by saying that I don’t care if bad things happen to celebrities who are bullies. I’m happy that George Allen lost his seat in the Senate because Allen bullied a young college student. The guy appears as the typical bully who finally had his actions cost him a job. When it comes to Don Imus, I view the guy as an old cowboy wannabe who was rude and mean to young women who did nothing to him.

People like George Allen and Don Imus deserved to lose their jobs.


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