Monday, April 30, 2007

Rosie O’Donnell Gone

Like her or hate her, Rosie O’Donnell brought controversy and high ratings to The View. She had strong political opinions and would constantly argue with Elisabeth Hasselback, the conservative on the show. She also started a big feud with Donald Trump which left Barbara Walters, who was friends with Donald Trump, in the middle.

Was Rosie fired or did she quit? I am truly not sure. When Star Jones was fired, they tried to pretend that she was quitting the show, but then she was abruptly told to leave and the audience was informed that she was terminated. To allow a fired host to say that she is quitting is acceptable to preserve the host’s chance of gaining new employment. Like Star Jones, Rosie may have been allowed to pretend that she was quitting the show instead of admitting that her contract was not renewed.

But there is a strong chance that she truly did quit the show. Rosie brought hire ratings to The View. I believe that she can get her own show and continue to be very political. Unlike most of the other people on The View, Rosie was getting national attention for her comments.

I think that the only problem now with her getting her own show is the possibility that she won’t have the ability to be as political if she has no one to argue with. Rosie and Elizabeth Hasselback were like Hannity & Colmes. The difference being that Rosie was a strong liberal and Elizabeth was a pushover conservative. This is a reversal of the roles on Hannity & Colmes, which has a strong conservative and a pushover liberal.

If Rosie wants to do well, then she should turn her show into more of the style of The Daily Show for women. She’s more political than she was prior to being on The View. Just like Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, she could have people on the show who she disagrees with. If Sean Hannity was a guest on her show, that would be entertaining.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Ultimate Film Rip-off

I have never felt as ripped off by a film in my life as I felt today. I rented One Night with the King because I am fan of Peter O’Toole. In 2006, he was in two movies. One of them was Venus, for which he was nominated for the Oscar for Best Actor. The second film, One Night with the King, stars both him and his Lawrence of Arabia co-star, Omar Sharif.

For those who haven’t seen Lawrence of Arabia, it is one of the greatest films of all time. It turned Peter O’Toole and Omar Sharif into huge stars. I was looking forward to seeing them together on screen again.

Look at the top of the poster. There are three names at the top: Peter O’Toole, Tiffany Dupont, and Omar Sharif. The actors who are listed at the top of a poster usually are the stars of the film. Tiffany Dupont is the star of the film. Omar Sharif does have several scenes in the film. But with top billing on the poster, Peter O’Toole leaves the film before the first three minutes.

If an actor leaves a film within the first three minutes of a film, then he is not the star. A role that small is a cameo. Why would you give an actor who is only in the film for less than three minutes the top billing of the film? The only reason I can think of is to get people to see the film based on the star power of Peter O’Toole.

If I had seen this film at the theater, then I would ask for my money back. The filmmakers are clearly trying to cheat the audience by making them think that Peter O’Toole is the star of the film. I honestly hope that the filmmakers lost money on this film for deceiving the audience.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Law & Order To End?

It appears that Law & Order may be cancelled due to low ratings. While I hope that this does not occur, I think I know why even good shows like this can be cancelled.

There three kinds of television shows. Some shows have a constant continuation in which you cannot miss a single episode. If you miss an episode, you may not know what happened to cause a character to be hurt or killed. An example of this would be The Sopranos.

The second kind of show is one that has both an internal conflict that gets resolved in each episode while allowing the audience to see the evolving story of the characters. Shows like NYPD Blue would fit this category. On NYPD Blue, there are several cases that are solved by the end of each episode. In addition, we see how the lives of the detectives change with relationships, marriages, and deaths of loved ones. While you can watch random episodes of NYPD Blue to see how they solve the crimes, you will be confused as to what has happened in the personal lives of those detectives if you see the episodes out of order.

The third kind of show is one in which every episode has an internal conflict and resolution that does not affect any other episode. These shows can be watched in any order. That is why I love Law & Order. I love watching an episode begin with a crime and end with a criminal going to jail. You can watch the episodes in any order without missing something that you needed to see in a previous episode. But the appeal of that is also potentially the show’s downfall.

While I watch the show almost daily, I watch the reruns of the show instead of the new episodes. Since each show can be viewed individually, there is little appeal to see a brand new episode if you have so many reruns to watch. I have only developed an interest in the show in recent years and can see an older episode each day. The only difference between seeing an older episode and a new one is that the new episodes do not have Jerry Orbach, who died in 2004.

This is difficult because even if I had the ability to give the producers of the show advice, I have none to give them. They make the show the way that I like it. With 17 seasons of the show, there are so many reruns that can take someone months to watch. I feel that the show’s true appeal is from the fact that there is no need to watch new episodes if have so many reruns to see.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blonde Bond Succeeds

I’m going to be honest. I did not think that Daniel Craig was a good choice to play James Bond when he was given the role in 2005. I wrote an article about it. I felt that James Bond is supposed to be tall, dark, and perpetually in his 40s. Daniel Craig has blonde hair and is in his 30s. I do not have a problem with him being in his 30s because Sean Connery turned 32 in the year that the first Bond film (Dr. No) came to theaters.

But after seeing the 2007 version of Casino Royale, I have to say that I was very impressed with Daniel Craig as James Bond. I will also admit that his blonde hair did not distract from him fitting into the role of James Bond. I feel that he was very credible and fit in the role well. I can now stand by my assessment that the only man who failed to fit into the role of James Bond was Timothy Dalton.

I would say that I was happy that Daniel Craig’s first James Bond film was a prequel to all of the others. Since he looks young, I find it appropriate that he’s playing the beginning of the career of James Bond. He will also have a number of years that he can play Bond until he looks too old for the part. I hope that the future Bond films have villains who are close to as memorable as the ones from the 1970s Bond films. The films of starring Pierce Brosnan or Timothy Dalton did not have memorable villians. We need another villain like Jaws.

I can say without reservation that I am looking forward to seeing the next Bond film with Daniel Craig, the man who proved my assumption to be wrong.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Don Imus Gone

Is Don Imus a racist?

There are two kinds of offensive racist comments that celebrities have made. The first kind is clear racism. When Mel Gibson yelled comments about Jews and when Michael Richards called someone in the audience the n-word, both Gibson and Richards clearly entered racist territory. I would call either man a racist without question. Then there are people who say things that could be considered racist. The second kind is a potential racism. When George Allen called a UVA student a macaca and when Don Imus called the women on the Rutgers basketball team nappy-headed hoes, both men said things that would make people assume that they could be racists.

While I cannot prove to anyone whether Don Imus is definitely a racist or not, he is a bully who picked on young women who just lost the college basketball championship. He rubbed salt on their wounds. More importantly, they did nothing to warrant those comments.

I think that Don Imus being fired by CBS and MSNBC is not a bad thing, because I think that he’s a cruel person. I think that when Don Imus went on the Al Sharpton’s radio show and said “you people”, he clearly showed that he doesn’t understand how to talk to black people.

I’ll be honest by saying that I don’t care if bad things happen to celebrities who are bullies. I’m happy that George Allen lost his seat in the Senate because Allen bullied a young college student. The guy appears as the typical bully who finally had his actions cost him a job. When it comes to Don Imus, I view the guy as an old cowboy wannabe who was rude and mean to young women who did nothing to him.

People like George Allen and Don Imus deserved to lose their jobs.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Justin Timberlake: Someone say hypocrite?

So it appears that Justin Timberlake is fed up with gossip magazines. "I despise what they do," Timberlake told Details magazine. "They create soap operas out of people's lives. It's a spin game, and I choose not to talke part in it."

That would seem very valid if it came from John Mayer, but not from Justin. The guy has created his own soap operas. First, he made his video "Cry Me a River" about his ex-girlfriend, Britney Spears. That clearly was meant to use his relationship and rumors of her infidelity for his video. That was not done by the tabloids.

And who can forget when he exposed Janet Jackson's breast in front of millions of people during the Superbowl a few years ago?

Some celebrities try to live private lives as best as they can. I do not have a problem with celebrities dating other celebrities because celebrities like John Mayer has tried to keep quiet about it. But Justin Timberlake has no one to blame for his gossip but himself.

Be open about your personal life or be private about it. It's your choice. But don't be open about your personal drama and then blame the tabloids. That's hypocritical.

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