Saturday, March 31, 2007

Brian Bonsall Arrested

Yeah I didn't remember him too well when I heard the news either. I looked online for a picture of him to post so some of you may recognize him. He is Brian Bonsall from Family Ties, the show that made Michael J. Fox famous. Bonsall is not just under arrest, but for assaulting his girlfriend.

I will admit that stories like this should not be big, and I doubt that this story will get much attention. The reason why I believe that it has been reported is because a cute child star turned into a violent man. If this was DUI then I doubt that it would be news because he is not famous enough for people to care about an arrest like that. When Haley Joel Osment was arrested for DUI, he was still recognizable and people remembered who he was and what he looked like. Now look at Brian Bonsall. If I did not say that he was in Family Ties, would you have a clue who he is?

Personally, I find it sad when another child star gets in trouble. Mr. Bonsall was only on Family Ties for a few years, ending in 1989. He has not had an acting job in film or television since 1994. This is a reminder that if you were ever a child star, you really should spend the rest of your life on your best behavior.


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