Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Smashing Pumkins Reunited

What happens when music groups break up to start solo careers? Either they develop successful careers like Michael Jackson or George Michael did or their careers go down the toilet. Billy Corgan is sick of life in the toilet bowl after starting a group called Zwan and wishes to reunite the members of Smashing Pumkins.

Billy Corgan is making the best move of his musical career. Essentially, this is the only move he can make in the right direction to avoid being the next housemate on The Surreal Life. Smashing Pumkins has been on of the most successful rock groups of the 1990's. The fans of Smashing Pumkins could relate to their unique style of rock that consisted of songs that were both slow and fast, emotional and honest. In my opinion, their best song was "Tonight, Tonight" which perfectly incorporated an orchestra to their music to give the song the sound that it needed. The song felt classical and relevent. In my opinion, the song is timeless.

Billy Corgan has not found success with his group Zwan after the breakup of Smashing Pumkins. Fans of his old work did not appreciate Zwan. The music of Zwan lacked the passion of Smashing Pumkins. As a critic of the media, I ask myself, "Why did he leave Smashing Pumkins for this crap?"

It has only been five years since Smashing Pumkins broke up. As Billy Corgan is preparing to reunite the band, his fans are still young enough to appreciate Smashing Pumkins if the band makes music equal to their original work. If they reunite and put together an awful album, then that will probably be their final one. I am hoping for Smashing Pumkins to have the creativity that they had before they broke up. I hope that they find success again. Billy Corgan is making the right move at the right time.
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